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Asunto:[ciberacciones] Tell the UK to Cut the Strings at the World Bank!
Fecha:Jueves, 13 de Septiembre, 2007  20:30:15 (+0100)
Autor:Miguel Garcia de Frutos <migafru>

Dear campaigner, 
Last year your campaigning helped get Hilary Benn to take a stand at the 
World Bank. He withheld £50 million in protest over the conditions 
attached to aid and debt relief, which made the Bank sit up and take 
notice. But not enough has changed on the ground. 
Now Douglas Alexander, the new International Development Secretary, must 
show that the UK is still serious. The World Bank is passing its hat 
around for more funds ahead of its annual meetings in Washington DC in 
October. Please ask him to keep up the pressure to end harmful 
Since 2005, the UK has recognised that it is inappropriate to impose 
policies on poor countries as a condition of its own aid or debt relief. 
But most of the debt relief promised at Gleneagles in 2005 happens 
through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and these 
institutions still routinely impose conditions on poor countries in 
exchange for debt relief, including forcing them to cut spending or 
privatise services.  
Liberia, for example, desperately needs its debts of over $4 billion 
cancelled so that it can begin to re-build itself after long years of 
civil war. But right now it is being told it must carry out 
time-consuming structural reform before it can qualify for debt relief. 
The new President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has already introduced some 
reforms, based on the country's own priorities, but debt relief needs to 
come now so the country can start to get back on its feet.  
This pattern has been repeated time and again. Of the 43 countries 
promised debt relief by the G8, only 22 have so far received it, taking 
up to six years to qualify. Meanwhile, their people have been suffering 
the effects of inescapable debt. 
The World Bank is an international bank funded by rich countries. The UK 
gives it around £500 million every year, and Douglas Alexander sits on 
its Board. If the UK government is serious about ending harmful 
conditions, it must use its influence at the World Bank, including its 
financial leverage, to call for change. 
Please join us in urging the UK government to push for an end to 
conditions that are devastating lives: 
Thank you! 
Jubilee Debt Campaign 
ps. If you want to find out more about the effects of these conditions, 
you can download our Cut the Strings report from our 
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