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Asunto:[ciberacciones] We can solve the climate crisis
Fecha:Sabado, 19 de Abril, 2008  12:31:15 (+0100)
Autor:Miguel Garcia de Frutos <migafru>

Dear Friend,
I've signed up for the We Campaign because I believe that by working together, we can solve the climate crisis. Will you join me? Just click on this link to sign up and add your voice to the million-plus call for an end to global warming:
The We Campaign is an effort launched by Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection to promote solutions to the climate crisis. It's an urgent issue, but the climate crisis is also solvable if we work together and unite our leaders around solutions like renewable power and enhanced energy efficiency. We can leave the next generation a healthy climate. Please add your voice by joining the We Campaign today:
Thank you.

Miguel Garcia de Frutos

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