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Asunto:[Cav] Huevos y celular - experimento
Fecha:Martes, 3 de Julio, 2007  00:34:05 (-0300)
Autor:Nelson Guizzo <nelson22>

Habia sentido de esta experiencia  en broma, pero esto
parece ser en serio.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tim Strachan <>
Date: 24-jun-2007 23:22
Subject: A simple experiment on an egg


A simple experiment on an egg

We need one egg and 2 mobile phones plus 65 minutes to call from one phone to the other.

Set up something like in the picture below.


We initiate a call between the mobiles which will last for about 65 mins.

Nothing will happen in the first 15 minutes, then at 25 minutes the egg starts warming up. After 45 minutes, the egg is hot. After 65 minutes the egg is cooked.
If the microwave radiation emitted by the mobile phones is capable of  modifying proteins in an egg, what does it do to the proteins in our brains when we talk into them? 

Even by the very slack, worst standards of EMF regulation in the world (such as Australia's and US's and UK's), this is clearly showing that these phone radiations are 'ionising radiations', ie, they heat the tissues and cause massive changes. Yet these governments justify not acting on further regulation because they claim only 'ionising' radiation causes problems. Their stance is that only radiation that heats tissues significantly are a risk. Clearly 'ionising radiation' does cause problems and mobile phones put out such radiation. This kind of experiment shows that they are not even following their own gross low standards, and thus not performing even the the lowest levels of their duty of care for the public.
It has been repeatedly proven that much lower levels of radiation than that put out by mobile phones causes significant changes in tissues, but the evidence is assiduously ignored.

The capabilities of radiation for health need a lot more research.
An example of the good news re radiation from the site (similar to the good work of Dr Holt in WA):

June 15... It's become axiomatic that wide acceptance of non-thermal effects will come from developing biomedical therapies rather than from studying potential hazards. The health effects work is mostly sponsored by those who don't want to find any. And they usually don't (cf: the USAF, EPRI, CTIA, FGF, MMF etc.) So no one should be surprised that the latest advance comes from a small high-tech Israeli company, NovoCure, which is looking for innovative ways to treat cancer. It's a breakthrough ­quite possibly a major breakthrough.
NovoCure uses weak 100-200 kHz electric fields ­the company calls them tumor treating fields or TTFields­ to stunt the growth of cancer cells, either by slowing down their proliferation or by killing them off entirely. The company has now demonstrated this in four different cancer cell lines. Even more impressive is that tumor growth has been curtailed in mice, rats and, in a small pilot project, ten human patients with recurrent brain tumors (glioblastoma).

More info from:

And also See especially this file
  1. Comforting the community or deceiving the public: The Australian Government's 2004 DVD presentation "Mobile Communications and Health" (Downloadable PDF added December 12, 2006)

  • Don't believe the 'authorities'. Use the 'precautionary principle', ie, be prudent, and avoid contact as much as possible.
  • Use the loudspeaker on the mobile phone whenever possible if you feel you have to use the phone.
  • Get one of those speaker devices you can use in a car or on a desk.
  • Get an 'airtube' earpiece ( ), ie, takes the sound to the ear, not the electrical signal
  • Investigate our products on

all the best

Tim Strachan

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