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Asunto:[CAV] Que rayos sabemos
Fecha:Domingo, 19 de Febrero, 2006  19:35:24 (-0300)
Autor:Nelson Guizzo <nelson22>

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< img height="522" src=" rabbitholeposter.jpg" width="361">

It's the sa me ¡­ AND it's different (superposition?)

What the BLEEP ¨C Down the Rabbit Hol e is an extended Director's Cut of What the Bleep Do We Know!? It includes new scientific findings that supplement the original movie, and it goes more deeply i nto the concepts explored.

We still follow Amand a as her uninspired life unravels to reveal the uncertain world of quantum mechanics hidden beneath her normal, wa king reality. But in the Director's Cut, the interviews a re lengthened and a full 95% of all interviews is new, ne ver before seen footage exploring the links between quant um mechanics, neurobiology, human consciousness and day-t o-day reality.

Featuring 90 minutes of new interv iews and two new scientists, Dean Radin, Ph.D., and Dr. M asaru Emoto, and author of The Field, Lynne McTagg art; and introducing Dr. Quantum in 20 minutes of new ani mation, this is the deeper exploration that you've been a sking for.

What the BLEEP do we know for sure? ¡­ there's more to understand

After four years and thousands of hours working with the scientific information presented in What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, the filmmakers were sure about at least o ne thing: There was much more to know.

As they worked with the material, they laughed and admitted you just don't get quantum physics, biology and p sychoneuroimmunology the first time through. Or the first hundred times through.

Audience responses, websi te responses, letters, emails and conferences all indicat ed the same thing: People wanted a deeper understanding o f all these concepts, and a deeper knowledge about how th ey affected them individually and as a collective.

Thus the extended Director's Cut of What the BLEEP ¨C Down the Rabbit Hole was born.

¡­ there's more to see

Perception is a funny thing. Most of Down the Rabbit Hole will se em really familiar, but look, and especially listen, more closely. A lot of information is there that wasn't there before.

Wh at the critics are saying about Down the Rabbit Hole

The following review appears on Today In New York newsletter and Website

< i>In fall 2004, a controversial documentary called WHAT T HE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? created a small but rabid following, amassing more than $12 million in theaters and forming a community of people who believed the film's definitions of reality and individual being, using quantum physics, p article distribution, neuron release, and other complex s cientific processes to explain how each of us can change the world. Some reviewers called it "a cult film,&qu ot; "New Age hooey," "bad science," & quot;repetitive and stupefying," and "a complet e waste of time, energy, and film." Others wrote tha t it was "challenging, cryptic, [and] mystical," ; "provocative," "a mind-bending hybrid,&q uot; "an irresistible comic romp," and "we irdly entertaining." Here's what we said in our thre e-star review: "The talking heads in this fascinatin g docudrama will alter your conception of what the world is, the scripted mini-drama following Marlee Matlin will confound you with its amateurishness, and the animated se ctions will both entertain and annoy you with its silline ss."

All of that and more is true of the much longer DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: THE NEXT EVOLUTION , a re-exploration of the original film, using much of th e same dramatic linking footage but with many new intervi ews with the same and new contributors in addition to old and new animation, including the introduction of cartoon superhero Dr. Quantum, voiced by the great John Astin. O ne of the things we like best about the two films is that you don't find out who the talking heads are until the c redits; thus, you get to make up your own mind about what they're saying without prejudging them because one happe ns to be a Columbia physicist while another claims to be channeling an ancient mystic philosopher. Delving into co mplicated discussions of perception and reality, arguing that everything is connected through time and space, disc ussing the battle between science and religion, comparing love to neurological addiction, and illuminating such te rms as "entanglement," "intention," & quot;dreams of infinite possibilities," "co-loc ation," and "time-reversal symmetry," the speakers will either infuriate you or open your mind up t o an infinite world of possibilities. As one of them says , "We are running the Holodeck." How your body chemistry is made up, your past experiences, and your in- bred belief system will all play critical roles in helpin g you decide whether this film is an important examinatio n of who we are ¡ª and who we can be ¡ª or whether it's j ust a bunch of hogwash. But as it says in the clo sing credits, "Agreement is not necessary ¡ª thinkin g for one's self is."

The Vill age Voice Tracking Shots by Michael Atkinson

¡­ the science on the table is fascinating e nough to give you pause, and perhaps even steer you towar d further reading and a renewed interest in taking medita tion seriously. Nobody mentions the ancient Asians, but i sn't controlling your environment by way of "intention" a nd "spiritual" training where all that martial arts came from? Nothing new is shopped here, but BLEEP was and is m eant as a bouncy introduction for religion-conflicted boo mers, and unlike most theatrical sludge, it won't make yo u feel stupid. PBS should come calling.

< /font>

BLEEP International Update

This just in from our Ace foreign sales agent, Richard Guardi an: "We have passed 75,000 admissions in Germany and continue strong. Our distributors anticipate 150-200,000 admissions when all is said and done. Brazil continues s teady in week 11. Israel enters week 30. Austria opens on Feb. 17. Greece is finalizing release plans. Argentina a nd Uruguay open in March. Spain is beginning to dub the m ovie. Interest is stirring anew in Japan, Korea, and Scan diinavia and I anticipate deals soon."


What the BLEE P ¨C Down the Rabbit Hole ¡­ Is there any way to put a la bel on it? Probably not. So let me tell you how it came a bout. During Q&A sessions for the original What the B LEEP Do We Know!? people began requesting more. It seemed what they wanted most was more information, more knowled ge, more interviews. At some point the idea occurred to u s, "We have 60 hours of interviews in the can, let's rele ase them." But just putting raw interviews out didn't see m to be the way to go. It's the building of the interview s that creates so much of the effect in WTFDWK.
Ente r the Rabbit Hole.
I had always wanted to have A LOT more interviews in the original BLEEP, - But there wasn't enough time, So when I sat down to cut the Rabbit Hole v ersion together I thought ¨C "Finally I get to put all th e good stuff in." But suddenly there was even MORE good s tuff. You see the project had started to morph into somet hing different altogether ... Click here to read entire article


Bringing an intelligent mix of science, spirituality, incredible graphics and storytelling to th e printed page, What the Bleep Do We Know!? Discoverin g the endless possibilities for altering your everyday re ality by authors William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, and Ma rk Vicente features all new interviews with experts, rele vant issues cut from the movie, deeper explanations of so me of the more complex and important theories, and commen tary from the authors about how these concepts transforme d their personal lives for the better.

As Janet L. Gray, BLEEP Group Coordinator in Wisconsin, writes in a review of the book: They came in droves worldwide to have their reality shifted by the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" It made us think about who the "Observer" is , and the effect the Observer has on interpreting reality . It showed us how a particular experience is one of many possible experiences depending on how we choose to inter pret it. The movie was a wake up call to remember that "w e create our reality" and we need to take responsibility for it.

The What The Bleep book goes one step fu rther down the rabbit hole to help us ask the big questio ns and gives you plenty to ponder. It also provides easy to understand information on how the brain works and how emotions contribute to the hard wiring of the way we addi ctively react to life.

The book is a collaborati on of love from the makers of the movie. It effortlessly weaves the scientific findings that are presented in the movie in a fashion that allows the reader to really "get it". And goes into greater detail on theories of quantum physics, balanced by beautiful illustrations, and real ri ght brain stimulation.

If you like the movie, yo u will love the book! It will make you think, make you qu estions and help awaken you from the Matrix!
Click here to access the first four chapters and to order .

*Note: These are Adobe Acrobat file s. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, **click here**

BLEEP and the Quest for Global Healing Conference

"What the BLEEP Do We Know!?" will be part of the Quest for Global Healing Conference, May 3-8, 2006 in Ubud, Bali. Join an extraordinary gathering of concerned global citizens and innovative thinkers in a quest towar ds a more collaborative, peaceful, and sustainable future for humankind and the planet. World-Renowned Speakers at the conference include Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmon d Tutu, Award-winning Journalist Walter Cronkite, Prince Tjokorda Gde Raka, Ubud Palace, President of The Institut e of Noetic Sciences James O'Dea, and Lynne Twist, author of the Soul of Money.

During the Global Healing Film Festival portion of the conference, there will be a screening of What the BLEEP Do We Know!? and Will Arntz will give a presentation. The Film Festival portion will feature new cinematic works from around the world.
< br>Come, be inspired and explore the potential for transf ormative action with world-renowned speakers and internat ional activists. Witness the richness of Balinese culture and traditions and enjoy their leading musicians and art ists. Return home with renewed passion for service that w ill help shape the future. This second Quest for Global H ealing Conference will have its headquarters at the ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali. Ubud is considered the arts and cul tural capital of Bali, and ARMA Museum is a beautiful 4-a cre complex offering a gorgeous hotel resort, galleries t hat host the best of historic and contemporary Balinese a rt. The area is beautiful, with rice paddies that are sti ll being farmed daily, and an outdoor theatre that featur es the best in traditional dance and music performances. Call 1- (800) 577-2254 http://www.questforglobalhealing.o rg/index.htm
< /tbody>

One Hour Teleseminar with William Arntz

William Arntz

Dean Radi n

Join the producer, director, and screenwriter for What the BLEEP Do We Know!? & the highly anticipated Director's Cut Version: What the BLEEP ¨C Down the R abbit Hole, in an exploration of " What the Bleep!? and Beyond," a dialogue with IONS senior sci entist and Entangled Minds teleseminar host, Dean Radin. For a sampler, Clic k here for the FREE three-minute teleseminar highlight . To listen to Will's interview and to join the Shi ft in Action program of the Institute of Noetic Sciences you must sign up for an IONS memb ership . Once you've become a Shift in Action Par tner, you can gain access to the full teleseminar with Wi lliam and Dean as well as all other weekly interviews at< b>:

Ch eck out the Shift at

What the BLEEP WOWS Germany

The German-dubbed version of What the BLE EP Do We Know?! was released Nov. 24, 2005. Within a week , BLEEP was the #1 Arthouse Selection and #2 nationwide b ehind the new Harry Potter movie! The DVD will be release d in Germany sometime in the fall of 2006. For further up dates and information check out the website

Interna tional Shipping From the BLEEP Store!

Bleepsto can now ship BLEEP Gear and many other products to 12 countries outside the U.S. and Canada. Check out the store for the countries we ship to nearest you. Please no te: we cannot ship the What the BLEEP Do We Know?! DVD or VHS outside of the U.S. or Canada. Please be advised tha t the DVDs we sell are in North American NTSC format and may not work in your players if you are overseas.

Bleep DVD - Flip disc for Special Featu res! Change audio settings for better sound!

< img style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 2px 10px 5px 0px" height= "60" src="" width="80" border="0"> The Bleep DVD ended up with so m uch footage for the special features that a two sided dis c became a necessity. Unfortunately the printed insert co uld not be redesigned in time to reflect this change. So now you are in the know. Turn the disc over and a wealth of previously hidden information will magically become av ailable to you. Also, we have had complaints that the mus ic is too loud, drowning out the dialogue. This is becaus e the DVD audio default setting is 5.1 surround sound. To change the setting go to the DVD's main menu and change from the default setting to stereo sound. You can also ch ange this setting on your TV/stereo system.

More about What the Bleep in the Media< /a>
More Press Releases



Two books ¡­ an ex tended Director's Cut ¡­
more interviews, science, new scientists, new animation

< p align="left">What the Bleep Do We Know!? has been a wake-up call for millions of people around the world who have been addressing Life's BIG questions: Who are we? Wh ere are we going? What is consciousness? Do we create rea lity? How do we effect change?

B y supplying some of science's leading edge answers to the se questions, this bold, funny, and unique movie has chal lenged the old paradigms of social and religious thought, and placed responsibility for life squarely where it bel ongs ¨C within the realm of each individual's consciousne ss.

If you were bored, resigned, cynical or morose ¡­ What the BLEEP!? rocked your wo rld by revealing the causes for the patterns of thought a nd emotion that keep our lives stagnant and repetitious.< /p>

If you felt alone in your thought s about the world and your place in it ¡­ What the BL EEP!? offered you a scientifically verifiable touchstone that enabled you to trust your deepest insights and intui tions about life, God, the universe, thought, mysticism a nd religion.

Millions of people have been affected by BLEEP!?
and asked for more

NOW there is more

¡ñ What the BLEEP Do We Know !? Part documentary, part entertaining story, p art animation with mind-blowing special effects, What the BLEEP!? defies all attempts at categorization. Th e storyline and interviews with fourteen of the world's g reatest physicists, doctors, biologists and mystics revea l the quantum underpinnings of human life, where thought affects the fabric of physical reality via infinitely sub tle neurological processes.

Like a g uide to understanding The Matrix, What the BLEEP!? reveals the deeper realities behind what we accep t as true, and presents mainstream scientific evidence th at not only do each one of us have the ability to affect our personal reality - we are all connected and thus each one of us affects the consciousness of the entire world!

¡ñ The Little Books of Bleeps is t he companion book to the first movie. It provides a delig htful combination of pictures from the movie with insight ful quotes from the scientists and the narrative storylin e. It's the perfect reminder for office and home ¨C an up liftment pick-me¨Cup that can go anywhere.

¡ñ What the Bleep Do We Know - Di scovering the endless possibilities for altering your eve ryday reality was a book the filmmakers had to write. Packed with historical and scientific information, perso nal stories, beautiful illustrations and with study guide tips and questions to ponder at the end of each chapter, this book makes it clear that science and spirituality a re very much the same; that only their methods of des cribing life differ. Going deeper into the mysteries and the science, this book is also about the journey of t he filmmakers as they struggle with the complex and excit ing scientific answers to life's great questions.

¡ñ Down the Rabbit Hole Th e extended director's cut of What the BLEEP Do We Kno w!? marks a cinematic evolution of the original internati onal hit. It includes important new scientific findings t hat highlight the very real and deepening link between qu antum mechanics, neurobiology, human consciousness and da y-to-day reality. Down the Rabbit Hole's storyline is str eamlined, with emphasis on new interviews, new scientists , never-before-seen footage, three new animation sequence s and a new beginning. It dares to examine complex issues , such as the famous Double Slit experiment, and delves i nto the latest results ¨C and proofs - of PSI experimenta tion.

"Both the book and Down the Rabbit Hole sort of became this next evolution adven ture of ours," says filmmaker Betsy Chasse. "Just going b ack over the original interviews with fresh eyes was amaz ing. We have learned and experienced so much this last ye ar we would go, "Wow, look at that!" Now we were able to understand what the scientists were saying. And I think i t's so interesting that audiences are experiencing this w ith us. We're all on this journey together. We're all lea rning together, and it's a process. Every time you read o r hear the information you pull in a little piece of the puzzle that maybe you didn't pull in before."

That's why we call it :

< i>The Next Evolution


< /tr>
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The Bleeping Herald, Issue #9
po sted on Jan 11, 2006
The Bleep Book:
posted on M ay 3, 2005
International Distribution Page
posted on Mar 15, 2005
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posted on M ar 8, 2005
Institutional DVD page
posted on Mar 4, 2005

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posted on Feb 12, 2006 by
tony nix
i always knew beneath the surface th ere was alot of stuff going on around me that i was just catching glimpses of thru music dance prayer psychotropic s everwhat can in some way tinker with our consciousness. ..i also knew that the power of the spoken word or vibrat ion has huge significant effects on perception and what i s possible thank you for shakin the dust of some rusty sy naptic regions that needed some serious spring cleaning.. .what a gift we have in a simple thing like a language... where we can be the architects of our own reality...where time and space are jus opportunities in little fractal b ubbles snap crackle and popping like a neurotransmitters 4rth of july fireworks show

Copyright © 2004 L ord of the Wind Films, LLC - All Rights reserved. The con tent (written, photography, video, and audio) in this sit e is for use by the film's producers and Lord of the Wind Films in the promotion of its motion picture "What The Bleep Do We Know!? TM" Any use not au thorized by the producers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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