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Asunto:[CAV] Graniceros y Don Popo ( en ingles )
Fecha:Viernes, 1 de Septiembre, 2006  22:59:24 (-0300)
Autor:Nelson Guizzo <nelson22>


Bernardo Servin sent the following,

Popocat etl is also named don Gregorio (the one that ove rlooks), Ixtacc¨uatl or Iztaccihuatl is also named do¡ Rosita (Mrs. Rosie), and also named La Volcana (the Volca ness) by the people that live in the vicinity of the Sier ra Nevada which is the offical name of the mountains in t he area. It is an area in which electrical storms are ver y frecuent and one of the local traditions says that if a person survives after being struck by a lightning or thu nderbolt, that person becomes a "granicero" (ha iler) or "tiempero" (future forecaster) that ca n tell people's future, the graniceros meet in the caves that sorround Popocat°etl and Iztacc¨uatl and they have concluded that Popo is very angry because of pollution n ear both volcanoes. Iztacc¨uatl is actually a series of five volcanoes very close to each other forming a single summit.

Popo and Ixtac are par t of the Transverse Neovolcanic axis that crosses M¸ico from west to east, beginning the Everman Volcanoe off the Michoacan State coast and ending in the Citlalt°etl (Mo untain of the Star) or Pico de Orizaba, near Orizaba wher e I live.

If you ever come to the Popo-Ixtac area not leave without visiting the town o f Tlalmanalco that has a open chapel built in the XVI cen tury by the Franciscan missionaries on top of an indian t emple from which only the stairs are left.

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