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Asunto:[CAV] The best solution for water
Fecha:Miercoles, 28 de Febrero, 2007  14:30:03 (-0300)
Autor:Nelson Guizzo <nelson22>

Esta informacion nos la manda el compañero de grupo
Tim Strachan desde Australia, aunque anda recorriendo
el mundo ofreciendo sus productos.
Tim, se ha dedicado a la investigaciòn, y aparte de estos 
productos para la salud, y de estimular
lluvia mentalmente, tambièn ha creado unos
instrumentos basados en la tecnologìa de Wilhelm Reich,
que logra estimular en un porcentaje bastante bueno la
lluvia en zonas sub-urbanas (mas informacion sobre Reich
en nuestra pagina:
Tienen el correo si desean contactarse con èl, en idioma
español o inglès, como asi tambien las diferentes websites.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tim Strachan <>
Date: 28-feb-2007 4:04
Subject: The best solution for water - how to turn tap water to spring water

Here is some information on a system which can be used at home or at the office for turning your tap water into energized, clean, spring water, quickly and at low cost.

This is  an overall solution to the problem of compromised, dead, dirty, de-energized water, available individually or as a combination package, and simple to install -
  •         The AquaCharge Water Energizer
  •         The Coolaway terracotta filter
  •         The 'Vorticiser'
  • for 'imploding' and 'potentising' water
After many years of research we have come up the most effective, low-cost solution to the problem of drinking water quality in the home or office. The problem in short is that

1.  Town water is highly loaded with chemicals, and quite de-energized.

2.  Bottled water is an unknown quantity due to the industry being quite unregulated - what's more, the costs add up.

3.  Distilled or reverse osmosis water can be harmful as it removes too much from the water including minerals, other filtered water can be over-filtered and even rain water is doubtful, due to its immaturity and storage and often unavoidable additives from the roof.

4.  To only use a physical filter on your water is not necessarily a good idea ­ this is because of the principle of homeopathy which states that as you remove the physical substance from water (by dilution in the case of homeopathy) you 'potentise' the effect of that very substance, as water remembers what has been contained in it. So if you remove noxious physical substances (chlorine, heavy metals, etc.), you stand the risk of potentising the effects of those substances, something you really don't want to do.Thus by all means physically filter water, but make sure you also energetically clear it too, to remove the memories of noxious substances. This is where the Aquacharge energizer unit comes in (see below).

Few have a natural spring in the back garden, the ideal solution.

What's more, many people know that they are dehydrated, but they are also aware that the alternatives available to them are not very good. We naturally shrink from drinking water from taps these days in almost all countries.

Most people know that water quality is crucial to health, but the subject is so complex and controversial and full of mis-information that most give up the hope of being truly confident in their water and just hope for the best or put the whole thing aside as too hard.

The products described below will give you water that is healthy, clean, energized and very good to drink. They will turn your tap water to spring water.

The Water Solution

Our solution comes in 3 parts, each of which alone is a giant step towards much improved water quality in its own right, and which together provide clean, filtered, energised, imploded, water of high quality.

1. The AquaCharge Water Energizer

Energizing water is a way of bringing low-quality water back to spring water quality. Our Energized Water System, called AquaCharge, does this simply and efficiently using highly paramagnetic materials (with other ingredients such as orgonite and potentized water) in 3 capsules attached to the outside of the water pipe coming to your home.

The materials in these capsules creates a field which (in a similar way to magnets) causes the water to change from large macro-clusters of molecules to smaller, more energetic micro-clusters.

This clears the water of energy frequencies ('memories', as understood in homeopathy) of toxic substances (Chlorine, heavy metals, etc.). It also allows the water to 'surround' any physical toxins in the water, preventing toxins from dropping off on the skin while washing or within the body if drinking. This device is simple, powerful, portable, safe, natural and should last many years. It can be used with or without physical filters. Beware of expensive imitations!
Imported units costing $2000 and more do no more than the AquaCharge system.

For more information on the AquaCharge, and energised water in general, there is plenty of information elsewhere on the site.

Cost of the unit is $297 alone plus $10 p&p. $450 for all 3 products.


2. The Coolaway Terracotta filter

An old tradition for today's modern needs ­ this is the best filter of all, and the most natural, and the best priced. This filter uses granulated carbon with silver to physically filter water of smells, tastes, bacteria, chemicals and giardia and cryptosporidium cysts. They are made from terracotta, thus allowing the water to 'breathe' and move in convection currents (not stagnate) and they use ceramic cartridges to produce pure, fresh drinking water and are far more convenient than jugs, bottles or pots. It is also much more attractive. Filter candle life 6 months

$165 plus $10 p&p, or $450 for all 3 products.


The 'Vorticiser' imploding sleeve

This simple, cheap 'sleeve' is remarkable for what it can do to improve any water. By screwing it on the neck of a standard PET bottle, and then attaching another such bottle full of water, and upside down so the 2 bottles are joined at the neck, you can cause the water to 'spiral' from one bottle to the next, a form of 'implosion'. The result of this is to impart an electrical charge to water, to remove yet more unwanted 'memories' from water, and much more. For more on this, see
$15 each, or included with all products here for $450.

For more info on all these and more (you may also want info about our colloidal silver generator and a low-cost alkalizing/ionising system), go to

Get all 3 products now for $450, surely the best price anywhere for water which is clean, energized, potentized, and really tasty! If you already have a physical filter system, get the Aquacharge and vorticiser for $299.
Call me for further details or to order, or send back an email to order.
All our products have a money-back guarantee.
You can pay by credit card, direct transfer (bank details below) or PayPal (details below).

I wish you the best of health.

Tim Strachan

                 (about our energized water system)
                 (many of our products presented more clearly)
                 (about the system of Energy Body Work)
                 (about Biocircuits, for relaxation and vibrational healing)
                 (about a new method of structure and geometry)

The Energy Store
Energy Products and Services
Home of: AquaCharge Energised Water System, PowerHouse emf and geopathic stress management
ElectroGuard electro-stress management, Energy Surveys and much more.
(Please enquire about reciprocal links to our site - paste the above 5 lines on your site, with links.)

Megadisc t/a The Energy Store
3/81 Old South Head Rd
Bondi Junction
Australia   NSW    2022

Tel: (Australia)                 
02 8011 3562 (Australians, use this to call to my PC/skype)
Tel (USA):               (415) 992 5662
Tel (Australia):                  02 9388 9994 / int'l 612 9388 9994
Fax:                      02 9388 9995 / int'l 612 9388 9995
Mob:                      0428 189 289
Skype ID:                strackone

alt. email:     

Bank details for direct deposits:
National Australia Bank
Name: Megadisc
Crows Nest Branch
BSB: 082212
a/c: 03647 3651

Send PayPal payments to
(For information on how to do so, go to )



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