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Asunto:[QuedalaPalabra] [#21d-globalstrike-948] - December 21, 2012: GLOBAL STRIKE CALL IN WORK AND CONSUMPTION (Consensus October 28)
Fecha:Viernes, 9 de Noviembre, 2012  20:31:30 (+0100)
Autor:Queda la Palabra <quedalapalabra>

- Please, disseminates massively in English -
21d - 21 December 2012
(From 12 to 25 December 2012 non-violent actions
and continued and rotating strikes in
work and consumption)
DO NOT WORK for them
their products

DO NOT BEG to anyone
DO NOT CLAIM to anyone
DO NOT DEMAND from anyone

DO NOT ASK anyone "real democracy"
LET US CREATE, as a united People, the PEOPLESCRACIA
Between 12th and 18th December 2012
we propose to do in the world:

-Personal and collective DISSEMINATION in neighborhoods of the acts, strike and diffusion of Assemblies of the People like the only power's institution.
-Personal and collective PREPARATION and ORGANIZATION of the shares actions in the strike, as well as the assemblies of the People.
Between 19th and 25th December 2012
we propose to do in all the world:

- WORK STRIKES and/or CONSUMPTION STRIKES, rotating or continued along all on these days.
- PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLIES where take decisions by consensus in order TO CREATE THE PUEBLOCRACIA.
On December 21th, 2012
propose worldwide:

- Individual SILENT STRIKE except for the space in which occur the General Assemblies of the People. Concentrations and peaceful sit in silent. "Free Hugs".
- WORK STRIKES and/or CONSUMPTION STRIKES, rotating or continued along all on these days.
- GENERAL PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLIES in a meeting where will be represented all the assemblies that have been established in each town or city.
Why do all this?
Why do ask for anything to the UNJUST and dishonest politicians, bankers, businessmen..? They will not give you anything, on the contrary, angered by your defiance and insistence, even they will rob you what you still remains. They are just doing this now in order to rapidly establish a FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER.
No use protesting with cries, concentrations or "pan's noises" if  in your private life you continue working for them: using their banks, consuming their products, serving their institutions, victim of their unjust political decisions ... All you can do is CHANGE YOURSELF AND BE CONSISTENT.
LET'S GIVE THEM OUR BACK, WE NO NEED THEM. Let's stop TO PLAY IN THEIR cheat and unequal "game board". THERE IS NOTHING TO REFORM because everything must be changed; is much simpler: is time to CREATE the PEOPLESCRACIA.
WE MUST ASIDE WHAT THEY CALL "DEMOCRACY", real dictatorship uncover under the corrupt power's manipulation of the MAJORITY. We say NO to TAKE decisions by a "democratic majority" that gradually discriminate all the rest of minorities. We always take decisions with DIALOGUE and CONSENSUS.
It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY not to give them our money, through the CONSUMPTION or using their BANKS, and NOT WORK for them: nor for a BOSS, nor for any ADMINISTRATION, nor for a corrupt GOVERNMENT, nor for any NATIONAL O MULTINATIONAL COMPANY... We gradually have to avoid the use of MONEY.
Think consciously and act coherently
DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR WORKFORCE, because your work becomes them richer, but you always keep the same little part or worse; besides, working for them you do accomplice with whom that commit injustices: businessmen, bankers, local, regional or federal administrations…
DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CONSUMPTION, because consuming their products you return them the paltry money that pay to you for your work; so they become richer and you poorer and slave. Their companies are involved in serious injustices against human beings, damages to animals and destruction of environment.
DO NOT USE THEIR BANKS, because if you use them you give them reasons to continue existing, therefore stealing; so they mark the unfair patterns of the entire global economy.
DO NOT USE THEIR ORGANIZATIONS, because if you keep using it also give them reason to continue existing and privatizing the social services, as is happening now in Spain with the essential National Health Service.
Be aware with anyone who invites you to protest against the powerful, but say nothing about not work for them or consume their products; he belongs to those that control the mass of dissidents and in which hypocrisy and reformist cheat everyone could fall.
We begin to implement PEOPLESCRACIA,
the real government of the People,
from, by and for the People

First we will work in small groups of community, organizing and deciding ourselves, with three people enough to form an assembly of the people and so generate collective actions:
COMMUNITY SELF-ORGANIZATION, without political charges or politician class.
COMMUNITY SELF-MANAGEMENT, without managers or banks.
COMMUNITY SELF-SUFFICIENCY. We work slowly, without exploiters or heads, without multinational corporations, without oligarchies and landowners of natural resources in the planet…
THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF PEOPLESCRACIA: Each community of the People, meeting in assemblies gathered in squares and neighborhoods, decides to unite and organize locally for making decisions through dialogue and consensus. Whoever, who does not want to dialogue for reaching consensus, is a betrayer for People.
Be creative and we generate collectively fair forms of trade and commercial relationship!
INTER-independence and self-sufficiency COMMUNITY NOW!
ACTION taken on the GLOBAL
STRIKE in work & consumption

Between 12th and 25th December 2012 and as a symbolic date on December 21, 2012, we do the preparation and dissemination actions (days 12 to 18) and after labor strikes and not-consumption, decentralized assemblies (days 19 to 25 ) worldwide without following any organized slogans without any hierarchy that we handle. We must create and organize ourselves the government of the People, the PEOPLESCRACIA. We'll learn communicating us experiences, adding the many coincidences and learning to accept the few differences. You can choose to enter one or more of these no-violent actions:
- DISSEMINATE AND PROMOTE STRIKE WORLD OF WORK AND OF CONSUMPTION forwarding this international Internet call to all your contacts and lists, forums and social networks in which you participate through this link: You can also print or photocopy this call for disseminate or transmitted it by voice among fellow villagers who do not use or do not have Internet.
- USE THE GREEN COLOR in the dissemination of this work and not-consumption Strike, or a badge circle in green color hanging on your clothes to identify us in the streets, squares and neighborhoods. Green is symbol of People's hope that we will make together, the world in which we dream and a commitment for a whole ecology.
- DO NOT CONSUME/EAT anything that "smells" to come from a multinational or exploitation of animals or not respectful companies with the environment. Eat local produces, crafts, ecological, without animal suffering. Avoid fossil fuel (scroll on foot or by bike) and do not watch TV. Do not spend a coin in unnecessary things.
- DO NOT USE THE BANKS during the day throughout the Global Strike and exploring ways to let them gradually.
- DO NOT WORK THROUGH THESE DAYS, asking permits or holidays. Become aware of how your work benefits employers, banks and other administration and study how to earn a living, looking towards self-sufficient organizations in order to operate in a self-governing.
- PROMOTES COMMUNITY ASSEMBLIES for horizontal decisions, token by consensus, in all places of neighborhoods, towns and cities, for raising any self-organization as you want to do the self-action. For instance, you could encourage the people to unite in groups for researching plots or farms; to learn to be self-sufficient in terms of fresh food is concerned, being this a great way to learn how to self-organize through horizontal assemblies and through consensus.
- MAKE A STRIKE IN SILENCE on December 21, 2012. We propose a strike of personal silence, except for the time of the General Assemblies of the People. Let's go to the squares and streets to unite in peace and quiet. In solidarity with all members of the people who are being most oppressed and voiceless, let's go to be their clear representation sharing "free hugs" and using small peaceful rallies and totally silent.
- PROMOTE THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLE on December 21, 2012. Will be a meeting of the Assemblies that have been established in each town or city. In these General Assemblies of the People will reach a consensus on actions to take as a people together based on three axes: Self-organization ("Do not be represented by them"), self-management ("Do not work for them") and self-sufficiency ("Do not consume their products"), with the goal that be known by all the people come to visit it in those days.
Why all this suggest?

Obscure organizations like "Amnesty International", "Avaaz", "Anonymous", "Real Democracy Now" ... are tools of "controlled dissident" for secret services like CNI, CIA, MOSSAD… in which some unwary have believed in and dropped on.
These are organizations subservient to governments and global oligarchies, to manipulate and control the people, increasingly depleted and slave, totally dependent on banks and businesses to survive.
These dark organizations and their accomplices use a very popular type of language to reach the masses, the people, and manipulate them creating exhaust valves of frustration and dissatisfaction, that are the DISSIDENT MOVEMENTS controlled. You can recognize these multiple names among others: Arab Spring, Spanish Revolution, Occupy Movement, 15M, 25S, 29S, 13O, Global Revolution.

The secret services of government used police infiltrated and corrupted people are invaluable helpers in every social organization, all traitors to the people, who manage and manipulate the population outraged by social injustice and the gap between rich and poor. These are the ways to manipulate and control:

- Asking you for "Reclaim", when we all know that almost never a rich man becomes a partner by choice to share his richness with other.
- One of the slogans is to ask to governments a real democracy. While decisions are taken by a democratic majority and not by consensus, it is impossible for justice that exist peace and social equality.
The democratic decision-making by majority is the technique used by fascist democracies to control the masses by the exclusion of many minorities. Decisions making by consensus is the only way to override fascism worldwide and promote the equal participation of minorities.
The police infiltrators and traitors and corrupt members, controlling more than half of the attendees of a meeting, manage to impose their criteria. The majority decisions is clearly a technique totalitarian for the repression of minorities, a real dictatorship that is applied in all social organizations today, but that never applied for the peaceful peoples. This is very visible in all dissident movements controlled where, with one or more undercover infiltrators and hypocritical corrupt members, the movements get override and infiltrators manipulate assembly, explaining -with its "good" but false words-, that it is very important to voting decisions.
It would be impossible for one group take the power if decision was making by consensus, so would not be any prejudice, pressure or repression. The majority decision always leads to a single thinking, because who thinks differently, if he maintains its position, is discriminated and put away by the power of the majority; and even criminalized. But the consensus decision-making, creates diversity thought that enriches all members of the group and all are recognized and taken into account. Seeking the many similarities and accepting the few differences, that the Justice way that always reach consensus.
The word democracy comes from the union of the words "Demiurge" and "democracy". Demiurge means "demon creator of material illusions", democracy means "power".
As we can see today in the world, the word DEMOCRACY is the POWER of the material, the POWER OF MONEY, the big lie of power (-cracy) of the People ("democracy"). Its true meaning comes from DEMIURGE, the "creator of material illusions" from this Greek prefix, the Indo-European ("Dem-") that actually means something to be dominated.
For all this is impossible to believe in democratic reformism, because since the birth of democracy, which is the DICTATORSHIP OF MONEY hypocritically concealed, the democracy is corrupted by its own principles hypocrites.
NOTHING SHOULD BE REFORMED because to reform everything, is much simpler CREATE PEOPLESCRACIA, the government of the People, from, by and for the true people (who want to share and feels just like the beings that surround him, the no hypocrites, those who do not feel "good" or think that our religion, ideology or philosophy is the best, we dialogue to reach a consensus, that we don't stand up in front of injustice).
Democracy is based on the well-orchestrated lie that the majority is always right. One need only look at the world around us to see that this never happens.
This perverse belief, the big lie, permits to destroy any union of People that were not in the side of power, hypocritically, pretending to be interested in it. Democracy creates flocks of sheep frightened, confused and trained -be a democracy real or not-, and also manages to divide the people giving more importance to the few differences that the many coincidences that all people share.
If in a group will exercise, step by step, what the majority says, the most manipulative persons soon will take power, as it is easier to persuade with false speeches hypocrisy and apparent, half plus one of the attendees assembly which really convince everyone. This provides that in these decisions not everyone feel involved, so that a minority will be discriminated against and treated to not cause extinguish when denouncing the injustices they suffer. So subtracting continue consecutively until the organization is virtually empty and destroyed by members who remain in it, that only will be the corrupts and infiltrators with a few members of the flock who always gave into their manipulations.
This is how they are getting the NEW GLOBAL ORDER: Implementing "democracies" in the world even with the strength of the war, the alliance with international terrorism and through genocide. Also manipulating the world, they try to do us to believe that the "democracies" are "the wonder", when it never worked anywhere, except for where they have been implemented, except to control us like sheep since we were children. For example when teachers, pre-engineered and therefore unconscious, to ask for an opinion about what you want to do, always take into account the wishes of the majority and ask that you do not agree to give in after that majority. -Repeat a message over and over again and it will become a truth accepted by all even the most obvious lie-. This is possible thanks the hypocrisy.
The easiest way to know, from now, who want to be fair and who want to remain unfair is this: Become aware of those who want to impose the decision-making will become clear democratic majority that are complicit in the corrupt power of  the elite, so are the "right" or "left", no matter the label social, ideological, philosophical or religious put them. Who actually use dialogue unclosed him for matches and consensus decision making will, quite obviously, people who want to be fair and don't will crush "the bad", as all them once dialogued and understood the feelings of the other, they will feel all equals.
For December 21th, 2012 from these obscure organizations controlled and manipulated by the secret services of the states as "Anonymous", "Real Democracy Now" and others they are organizing mass demonstrations in all countries.
They want governments require democratic current active participation of citizens in government and also where it is intended to manage money ("real democracy"). Be very attentive and no fellowship, is a deception to all the People to establish the New World Order. If not avoided, when Western governments will have all the "dissidents" in demonstrations, we suspect that in all countries where they occur, there will be a strong repression or false flag attacks and many people will die; will be generated violent groups in the street and violent responses to peaceful people. All this will be the excuse to settle permanently, by collective shock, a police and military state and carry their new world to an FASCIST AND TOTALITARIAN order, asked by the same fleecy population, manipulated and frightened by the chaos and disorder appliances generate by power and all his accomplices: People's traitors, cowards and sold.
Do not you see how is the world and your environment? If we do not unite and we're getting organized we will be bitten by everywhere.
Democratic states represent the biggest gangsters, criminals and terrorists; not at all represent the people. They've lost the legitimacy and representativeness cutting and violating rights, suppress, terrorize, assault, unlawful arrest, kidnapping, treat as degrading, torturing and denouncing individuals falsely of their own people with the intention to criminalize macabre and well serve as an example for the submission of all others.
The unjust aggressors are the same worldwide: Democratic states, criminals and terrorists who are well united and organized under the system. The victim is the same worldwide: the disunited and disorganized people. All these terrorist attacks and crimes are, as we say to steal, oppress, suppress and terrorize in order to weaken their union, cancel your order, and ultimately enslave submission.
We begin to feel with the other as with ourselves, because we are the same people, so leave out the few differences or labels nationalist, religious, ideological, philosophical ... Everything that mentally separate us.
What we do not do by ourselves no one will do for us, not wait for the December 21, 2012 or thereafter arriving aliens, cosmic energies, spontaneous changes, people's democratic governments, ideologies, philosophies or religions to reach a peaceful world of magically or automatically. Be the creators of our present and our future, in every task of daily reality, changing to be more conscious and coherent.
We are creating and joining in an authentic village in the world that does not have a national identity. We are these, those… Without separation distance or nationalist differences, ideological, philosophical, religious ..., Creating forms of self-organization, self-management, self-sufficiency and the much needed People's Courts. No need complicated rules or laws complicated because we are all participating in People's Assemblies, where decision making through dialogue and consensus. So no minority group will be crushed by the savage, barbaric and fascist democratic decision making by majority. Whoever, who does not want to talk or be a clear consensus, is a person who wants to keep their unrighteousness; so that, in Justice, should be excluded until the real change.
The People's Assembly of the People are meeting agreed to take prompt and effective decisions about our own self-organization, self-management and self-sufficiency. They are based on the involvement and active participation of all members of the community on changes, to every member of the People feel an active member in every community, you need to build your own reality and work on improving it. This is the basic principle of self-government of the People.
The matter is not parley, discuss, plan... There should be no place in the Assembly for discussions or debates as in the current democracy. Discussions and debates are made in forums monothematic independent. It only involve us all and each of the members of the people in decision-making on these three axes and commit, each according to their skills and knowledge in carrying them out, starting from the urgent priority. Assemblies are the basic meeting spaces of neighborhoods and towns. General Assemblies are meeting several assemblies or their spokesmen / spokeswomen.
The goal is to become increasingly independent of democratic governments now govern us. It is, as communities, go every day regardless of the decisions of politicians, bankers and businessmen democratic and go the way we deliver generating, saving and becoming independent of them.
PEOPLESCRACIA: This is the name that has decided the People's Assembly for Consensus, promotion and dissemination of the "21d - GLOBAL STRIKE IN WORK AND CONSUMPTION" to describe self-organization, self-management and self-sufficiency of the People who wants to join the Global Strike 21d manifest; only to practice for a few days and if there are more people like us, we want to try to do collectively searching the many similarities and few differences respecting for each act fairer every day.
It is very urgent: We need to overthrow these democratic states, always hypocrites-criminals-terrorist
s, or they will kill us. Let's join forces as People worldwide with simultaneous actions and joint nonviolent.
We propose to December 21 as the Day of the People. Together we will make this day is historic, the opening day of the liberation of all people who actually are one, the People.
Not long for us to be millions of people aware and coherent and organized together to create a just and egalitarian society breaking all the mental and physical borders.
This work and consumption strike, with its corresponding People's Assembly, will be the first step that only will consistently give those persons that surrender to the greater, more noble and just cause: which that unites all the righteous people of all the People in all countries. Union and worldwide organization of all people!
How to participate in the organization

We agreed the dates from 12 to 18 December as the days of personal and collective organization and dissemination of the next week, from 19 to 25 December 2012, in which will be held the no violent actions and peaceful strikes. Day 21 is symbolically representing the whole week for those who do not want more than one day or strike action.
This Global Strike belongs to each and every member of the People from around the world. We invite all those who are part of the global People to organizing fellowship (sending your contributions) and promoting (helping spread). Let us give points of view, to generate discussions, do what we want, but mainly posing us our personal change in these symbolic days. This is just the beginning. From these days continue to work hard, all we are and those who join, to completely give up these murderers of the Zionist imperialist oligarchies. Yes, they are united and organized to keep doing their slaves to all the other world citizens. We will, one day soon we will turn our back them. This will happen because we are doing well and we are a lot in worldwide.
We formed a People's Assembly composed by several colleagues, consistently precarious, which is responsible for consensus in new contributions to the announcement and to communicate, as the only source, the new contributions agreed. The People's Assembly has the function of ensuring that no will be infiltrators who handle proposals and consensus while forming, in each of the districts and villages, the local People's Assemblies. They must be absolutely sovereign, autonomous and decentralized in each locality, so that nobody can manipulate or override from a single center. These assemblies will decide for themselves how they want to self-organize, self-managed and self-sufficient gradually and progressively to work as little as possible for them and also consume as little as possible of their products.
How to contribute to this draft Call

All contributions will be part of a new draft communique on this "CALL 21d - GLOBAL STRIKE in work and consumption" which will be introduced, remaking the previous statement. until December 7 that will bring the final squad.
These contributions will add and improve what is already turning to agree consensual. This is one of the formulas for working consensus, to improve the work done adding and never subtracting.
Contributions are published and disseminated under the first name of the participant and will have the same validity as others of poor and unknown people, whom also belong to the people and make the changes with everyone else.
This is the most effective and peaceful REVOLUTION OF THE PEOPLE:
The only way to remove them the power is not give the power,
 do not working for them and not consuming their products
Self-management and self-sufficiency collective now:
People's Assembly for Consensus, Promotion and Dissemination

Contact People's Assembly to Global Strike
Phone: (0034) 693 391 587

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Call December 21, 2012 - WORLD STRIKE CALL IN WORK AND CONSUMPTION - Do you cling and sums?
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