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Asunto:[redluzargentina] June events / Global Meditations Network
Fecha:Martes, 31 de Mayo, 2005  15:01:54 (-0500)
Autor:Anahuak Home <redanahuak>

From: Barbara Wolf <> 
Here are June events posted on 
Jun. 1-2, You are asked to join a Global Event: The Emergence of 
Oneness and the End of all Division, a Meditation for the Energy 
Transference of Oneness, Love, Light, Peace, Joy. These June dates 
are aligned with the Mayan Calendar and embody and emanate the 
energies of Enlightenment and the End of Dominance and Division. 
Information and events by country listed on 
Australian event for this meditation: Jun. 1-2, 7-9:30 pm , Adelaide, 
T.S. Bookshop 310 S. Terrace near Hutt Street. Contact: Carol, or Robert,; Tel: 08 8379 1331 
Jun. 1-5, Fairhaven, MASSACHUSETTS, School of Sound Healing 
training. The Nature of Sound in Healing & Using Healing Sound 
Instruments, hosted by The Center of Light, Zacciah Blackburn. 
Jun. 1-5, SAN FRANCISCO, California. 2005 World Environment Day, 
a United Nations Environmental Program. 
Jun. 2, 6:30-8:30 pm, Tucson, ARIZONA, Tucson Creative Living Center. 
Tucson Soundings presents a summer's evening toning circle led by 
Tryshe Dhevney, nationally acclaimed vocal coach and toning 
facilitator. Contact: Joan Vann,; Tel: 520-409-8439. 
Jun. 3-6, FLORIDA, Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel, What The Bleep 
Do We Know!? Prophets Conference, sponsored by The Institute of Noetic 
Sciences and other organizations. 
Jun. 6, following the conference, seminars presented by world famous 
water scientist Masaru Emoto and quantum physics scientist Fred Alan 
Wolf. Contact:; Tel: 888.777.5981 (USA); 
Tel: (44) 01367 250 370 (UK) 
Jun. 3-5, Annandale-on-Hudson, NEW YORK STATE, Bard College. 
Conference. Seeds of Transformation: Toward a Spiritual Renaissance 
in a Time of Fundamental Change to explore the ramifications of an 
emerging trend leading to widespread shifts in beliefs about God, life 
and humanity. Speakers: Neale Donald Walsch, Bruce Chilton, Huston 
Smith, Andrew Harvey, John Naisbitt, Alex Grey, and leaders across 
faiths, including Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths, as well as 
Eastern, indigenous and other spiritual and wisdom traditions. Also, 
noted authors, filmmakers, and musical artists. 
Jun. 3-5, Eugene, OREGON. Activities with GrandMother Drum, the 
largest drum of its kind in the world. Jun.3, 7-10 pm, Prayerformance. 
Jun. 4 Baby Drum ceremonial workshops. Jun. 5, Keepers of the 
Flame- A Healing Ceremonial for Women. Contact: Sagewoman, 
Tel: 541-685-1559. 
Jun. 10-13, Portland, OREGON. More GrandMother Drum activities. 
Contact: Dara Daniels,; Tel: 503-975-8905 
Jun. 4, 11 am-4 pm, Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA, The Aura Shop, 
2914 Main Street. Workshop: Sacred Geometry, A Way of Life, 
presented by Samuel Kiwasz to explore the historical origins of 
Geometry, with an emphasis on Sacred Geometry. It will include 
explanations of the Symbolic Meaning of Numbers, the Platonic 
Solids, the Phi Ratio, the Fibonacci Sequence, Human Conception, 
and the Story of Creation from a Geometric Perspective. 
Contact: Samuel Kiwasz,; 
Tel: 310-836-8145, or 310-584-9998. 
Jun. 4, 8 pm SAN FRANCISCO, California, Bill Graham Civic 
Auditorium. United Nations 60th Anniversary Celebration and 
The U.N. World Environment Day Program. Free San Francisco 
Harmony Concert with meditative music by Sri Chinmoy who 
will perform his own compositions on a selection of world 
instruments as a tribute to San Francisco's commitment to 
harmony throughout the world. (Tickets required). 
Tel:. 415-661-4113. 
Jun. 4-5, Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA. Workshop: Healing Power of 
Sound, with sound healer Chris James to nurture the mind, body 
and spirit, and to develop the ability to listen and still the mind 
with the pure sounds of the voice. Contact:; Tel: + 61 3 9844 3933. 
Jun. 7, 3 pm. (U.S. Eastern) The Liquid Light Center Internet Chat 
Room. Channelling with the Ascended Masters: Tranquility as the 
Foundation of Serenity. Question and answer time provided. For a 
link to download the chat room software, send an e-mail of request 
to Sharon Shane, 
Jun. 10-12, near Dansville, NEW YORK STATE. Earth Dance, a 
weekend dedicated to personal connection with Mother Nature. 
Praying together with the Sacred Pipe at the Medicine Wheel and 
in the Stone Peoples Lodge. Organized by Wind Daughter of The 
Bear Tribe. Contact:; Tel: 585-924-5620. 
Jun. 10-12, 2005, Sedona ARIZONA, Hilton Resort & Spa. 1st Annual 
Unity Consciousness Conference, produced by Amoráh Ross and Positive 
Life Works. In a compassionate, nurturing and fun environment, learn 
from the newest wave of teachers for the Golden Age during this 
transition time and awaken the codes of Unity within us. 
Contact Amoráh,; or Tel: 425-788-4303. 
Jun. 11-12, VIENNA, Austria, Europahaus, Linzerstrasse 429, A-1140. 
Seminar with Archangel Michael/Ronna Herman. 
Jun. 11, 5:30 pm, Lake Mills, WISCONSIN, Namaste Retreat Center. 
Joseph Frank, author of many books, will share his insights on the 
origins of the Ark of the Covenant, its history (known and speculated), 
the source of its power, its ultimate purpose, re-discovery in 
southern Illinois, and consequences for mankind. Contact: Kari,; Tel: 920-648-3580. 
Jun.13-22, Wimborne, Dorset, U.K., Gaunts House. 9-Day Annual 
Gongmaster Training 2005, with Gong Master Don Conreaux. Emphasis 
on the various forms of the private Gong Bath Therapy and public Gong 
Bath presentations. Also, exploring the Chiometer and Universal 
Correspondences, the Starhenge Divination Mandala, the Mantra Sutra, 
Sruti Songs, Gong Yoga exercise systems, and the Solar System Cabala. 
The last day will feature a Summer Solstice Ceremony in the Starhenge 
Stone circle Contact: Richard Glyn Foundation at Gaunts House,; Tel: +44 (0)1202 841522. 
LAND OF THE GODDESS, with Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael 
to visit temples dedicated to the Goddess, including the House of Lady 
Mary, Troy and other sites. Contact: Ronna Herman, 
Jun. 15-19, Leeward Oahu, HAWAII. Solstice Fire Tribe Gathering. 
Multi-day, participant-created festivals focused on all-night fire 
circles. Contact: Michael Wall, 
Jun. 17, 7-9 pm, Tucson, ARIZONA, Tucson Creative Living Center. 
Tucson Soundings toning circle and Peruvian Whistling Vessel 
Ceremony with Joan Vann. A transformative sound experience 
with seven clay vessels of different frequencies that produce 
unending numbers of overtones and harmonics. 
Contact: Joan Vann,; Tel: 520-409-8439 
Jun. 17-19, north of Detroit, MICHIGAN. Medicine Wheel Gathering 
called by Wind Daughter, Medicine Chief of The Bear Tribe, to honor 
Sun Bears life and vision. Special teachings and sharing from Elders 
Bear Heart and Terry Eaton. Contact: Pam Czuj, Tel: 734-878-4893, 
or Wind Daughter, Tel: 251-583-5984. 
Jun 18, 12 noon- 6 pm, SCOTLAND, Allanton Sanctuary, Auldgirth, 
Dumfriesshire, Allanton Sanctuary, The World Peace Prayer Society. 
7th International World Peace Flag Ceremony and Allanton Open 
House, with multi-cultural live music, childrens activities, and 
exhibitions. World Peace Flag Ceremony at 3 pm. Organic country 
cooking, 12-2.30 pm and 4-6 pm. 
Contact:; Tel: 01387 740 642; 
Fax: 01387 740 641. 
Jun.18, 1-5 pm, Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO, Yoga Now, 
215 Gold SW. Workshop, Purify the Body Temple, Raja Yoga 
(off the mat yoga) with Paula Muran, to reach deeper levels of 
consciousness and awaken the true Self.. 
Contact:, Tel: 505 232-4717. 
Jun. 23-29, Colorado Springs, COLORADO, Antlers Hilton 
Colorado Springs Hotel, FIFTEENTH ANNUAL ISSEEM 
CONFERENCE: Science, Mysticism, And The Mind, 
Transforming Life As We Live It. Sponsored by The 
International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & 
Energy Medicine and by The Institute of Noetic Sciences. 
Contact:; Tel-Voice: 303-425-4625; 
Fax: 303-425-4685. 
Jun. 24-26, Northampton, MASSACHUSETTS, First Churches, 
129+ Main Street. 2nd Annual Conference of The New England 
Sound Healing Research Institute: The Science & Spirit of 
SOUND. Lectures, workshops, live web broadcast with 
Worldpuga (, healing music 
concerts. Contact: Zacciah Blackburn,, 
Tel/Fax: 802-674-9585 
Jun. 24-28, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Creating Sacred Space- Living 
Heaven on Earth teachings with Christan Hummel. Contact: 
Jun. 25 - 2 pm (U.S. Eastern) The Liquid Light Center Internet 
Chat Room. Temple of Thoth - The Rays and Flames: Channelling. 
The Master Thoth brings forth an explanation of the Rays and 
Flames emanating from Divine Source into the multidimensional 
creation fields. For a link to download the chat room software, 
send an e-mail of request to Sharon Shane, 
Jun. 26, 10:00 am- 3:30 pm, DENVER, Colorado, Holiday Inn 
Denver International Airport, 15500 E 40th Ave. FREE SEMINAR - 
Create The Life You Want Now! presented by Patricia Diane 
Cota-Robles. Contact:; Toll free telephone 
number,1-888-310-4488. Tel: 520-885-7909; Fax: 520-749-6643. 
Jun. 29-July 6, GERMANY. Sacred Journeys 2005 with Chet and 
Kallista Snow to visit Mother Meera and the Rhineland. 
Contact: Chet Snow, Tel: 928-204-1962. 
                ~ Curso de formación en PNL/Coaching ~ 
 Practitioner en Programación Neuro lingüística. Curso subvencionado 
                     Entrenamiento para el éxito 
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