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Asunto:[RedLuzArgentina] Día 11: Day 11 - QUICKENING
Fecha:Martes, 7 de Abril, 2009  10:37:55 (-0200)
Autor:Madre Tierra <nuriamerkaba>

En español

 notice presently amplified power 
 to draw intentioned events to Now.
 this is hour Quickening, 
   an opening to manifest choice,
   revealing our creative-ness
as present, powerful and ever-so-potent.
in order to thrive,
 allow Self to be guided  by  Gratitude.    
be clear, concise and collectively aware.
appreciate and ye shall receive -   
Go Gratitude!
let us give thanks for this
'serendipitous-by-choice -of-passionate-nature'
  gathering of Gratitude,
witnessing collective change   x 42 days !!! 
Water and the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence

Dearest Ones, you are so used to the element of Water in your
lives that you have perhaps forgotten the wonder and the
miracle that is the element of water.
In the beginning, as many creation stories will tell you, there
was only the deep cosmic "waters" and the electrical spirit of
the Source energy, and then Matter was created. Water is the
embodiment of the magnetic flow of Divine Creative
Intelligence. When the electrical or solar flame of Divine Inspiration
moves on the water, creation and manifestation take place.

And so it is, even today, water carries the flow of Divine
Creative Intelligence within your bodies. Each water molecule
holds the "holographic" memory of all that is and all that has

And so, as you cleanse and clear away the dominance of the
old patriarchal masculine patterns of being, you make space
for the rebirth of the masculine in its New Earth form. Now,
dearest ones, the Peace and Love that you seek to create will
be supported by this loving and clear masculine energy.

And so, this brings new meaning to the way that you move
with the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence. As you enter the
5th Dimension and Multi-Dimensional functioning, you will
find that time seems to speed up. Indeed, this is just an
illusion, for what happens is that as the water element within
you clears and restructures, the Divine Creative intelligence
can move without hindrance, and so as it blends with the
electrical solar energy within you, manifestation is so rapid
and so clear that it seems that you are overwhelmed with the
speed of manifestation and the seeming corresponding
speeding up of time.

You will learn, dearest ones, as you become more accustomed
to your new Masculine energy, how to support yourselves in
your process of manifestation and how not to be overwhelmed
with a tidal wave of created events and objects! You will learn
to create a rhythm that is comfortable for you and that does
not exhaust you.

Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

© 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global
feel free to pass along this knew view on Gratitude

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