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Asunto:[redluzargentina] Campaña Hola desde mi Corazon / Septiembre 11/ Global Meditations Network
Fecha:Martes, 23 de Agosto, 2005  14:58:03 (-0500)
Autor:Red ANAHUAKA <redanahuak>

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To: Foro Interredes / 
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 14:41:30 -0500 
Subject: [interredes] Campaña Hola desde mi Corazon / Septiembre 11    / 
Global Meditations / August 23 news 
1. HELLO FROM MY HEART DAY on September 11, 2005. 
On that day, Gary Schineller,, asks you to 
help change the world by greeting everyone you meet with a smile and the 
words Hello, From My Heart. When you answer the phone, smile and say 
Hello, From My Heart. When you address an email do so the same way. You 
can register your September 11 participation on  This website gives you information, 
and, he has posted the message as lively music. 
2.   From Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Preparing for the Influx of Divine 
This extensive message contains BREATHING EXERCISES for you and 
AFFIRMATIONS OF HEALING for yourself and for all the world. 
3. has new postings for 
SIGNATURE CELL HEALING workshops by Kahu and Kirael. 
What is Signature Cell Healing? 
From the Kirael website: 
Signature Cell HealingTM is a non-invasive touch healing modality which 
focuses energy on the signature cell, or God cell, which lies within the 
pineal gland. This all-important cell holds the memory of our cellular 
perfection and our original life blueprint. The reawakening of this 
signature cell allows for a return to optimum health and balance in all 
four bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. 
4.   From Jodieanne and Keith English of England, 
We started a non-profit company called OAKAPPLE ART to help working 
artists to be able to become successful through their art without being 
exploited in any way. markets and sells their work without taking 
any commission from their sales. We are open to working artists and 
photographers throughout the world, and we now find ourselves with over 
fifty artists from Israel, Germany and the USA, not just the UK.  Each 
day we are contacted by new artists making enquiries. 
The public does not yet know about the website. We are asking for help 
on how to inform the public or to help our artists through donations 
that would be used to advertise the website. We are asking all to 
contact our artists and see for themselves what we are trying to
5.   From Donon Regan, 
I had a Near Death Experience about 8 years ago and it transformed my 
life. It is my goal to provide information on intuition and the 
near-death experience to medical professionals, thereby spilling into 
the mainstream. My intention is to get people out of fear and cause them 
to look inside themselves and to have more compassion and dissolve 
boundaries. The idea has been met with resistance.  It has been hard 
finding sponsorship. Any ideas you have to help bring my dream to 
fruition are appreciated. 
6.  James Twyman is gathering 144,000 SIGNATURES FOR PEACE (electronic 
signatures) to be given to Pope Benedict when the two meet in Rome on 
September 21. 
Barbara Wolf <> 
Global Meditations Network 
Naturaleza, función y futuro de las redes espirituales. 
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