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Asunto:[RedLuzArgentina] Activismo Sagrado / La Esperanza
Fecha:Lunes, 1 de Febrero, 2010  14:51:36 (-0600)
Autor:Red de Consciencia <lacasadelared>


Date: 2010/2/1
Subject: Activismo Sagrado / La Esperanza

From: Jean Hudon <>
Date: 2010/2/1

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


Note from Jean: Sofía Aldunate ( from Argentina wrote to me on January 29, 2010:

"I am reading right now a book of this author which is incredibly profound and beautiful and decided to look for him on the Internet. I think that what he has to say about the horrifying crisis we are going through should be listened for as many people as possible. Not only because he analyzes what is going on in a very honest and sincere way, but because he is giving us ways to act to put a remedy to it. Some of these ways we already know about, some of them may be new to a lot of people, but in any case I found incredibly useful everything I heard and felt so thankful for his words, that I just want to share them with as many people as I can."

She recommended a Youtube video with Andrew Harvey that I started listening to so as to evaluate it for possible inclusion here and was instantly mesmerized by this soft-talking but deeply inspired and incredibly lucid soul. I also discovered that this was only part one of a 7-part video series which I proceeded to listen to. I then checked what people were saying on Amazon about his latest book The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism and I found 3 of them so enlightening about both this man and his book that I've decided to include them here, in addition to the intro info provided on Youtube for each of this 7-part soulful discourse by Andrew Harvey which I hereby highly recommend to you attention. I believe most of you will deeply resonate to his message as it is so much in line with what this Earth Rainbow Network is all about...

The Great Death - Sacred Activism Part One
The term "sacred activism" is taking on new meaning as the crisis of our global situation intensifies. Between a massive population explosion all over the planet, and increasing water shortages, how do people sleep at night? Global warming, at this stage, is a reality and concern for millions of people. Mystical scholar, poet, and author of over 30 books, Andrew Harvey defines the various aspects of our current predicament and also a path towards planetary healing. Harvey, in this clip, introduces both his hope for humanity and also what he calls the "birth of the divine feminine" and the challenge it presents humanity to live in a totally new way.

The Great Birth Andrew Harvey Sacred Activism Part Two
In Part Two of the Sacred Activism series, Andrew Harvey explains how a "great birth" is taking place during what he calls humanity's dark night of the soul. In this clip, Harvey describes a range of signs that suggest a "star of radiant hope" is emerging like a "phoenix from the flames." He suggests that millions of individuals are being called to concentrate the "heart mind" so that people everywhere can begin to live in a wholly new way. According to Harvey, there are many paths to our "inner divine nature"-he encourages his audience to wake-up to that particular path, whatever it is, so that together, as one, we may co-create a new humanity.

The Sacred Feminine - Sacred Activism Part Three
In Part Three of the Sacred Activism series, Andrew Harvey begins a more in-depth discussion of what he terms "the way through" to a quantum leap in consciousness. He introduces "the return of the sacred feminine" and what it means for humanity at this critical time in history. The Divine wants this birth, Harvey proposes-and so is entering wherever possible. The sacred feminine, he explains, is "a force that can save the planet."

A New Humanity - Sacred Activism Part Four
In Part Four of the Sacred Activism series, Andrew Harvey discusses a "vision of humanity's inner divine nature." Harvey maps steps every person can take to help birth a new humanity. During our dark and at times frightening for some planetary crisis, the sacred feminine is emerging-through a feast of spiritual practices, from Hinduism to Buddhism, Dance to Yoga, Animal Rights Activism to Vegetarianism. Listen to Harvey outline practical guidelines for this time of great transformation and prepare for "an astounding quantum leap in consciousness."

The Power of Service - Sacred Activism Part Five
In Part Five of the Sacred Activism series, Harvey begins outlining five forms of service each of us can engage in daily to "surrender our will to divine love." He discusses the need for constant shadow work and awareness of parts of oneself we sometimes do not want to face. Harvey exalts the power of the divine to open doors where there were none, and to bring down seemingly insurmountable walls. Find out how to heighten your receptivity to divine transformation and begin to do the necessary work that will heal the planet.

Reverence for Life  - Sacred Activism Part Six
In Part Six of the Sacred Activism series, Harvey touches on the need to identify what breaks your heart- to listen to that sadness and grief, and heed the call to action. For some, heartbreak is rooted in the fact that there are polar bears drowning in the arctic, while for others it is the unjust slaughter of children during wartime. Whatever moves your heart at the deepest core, Harvey suggests, can ultimately give rise to both tremendous compassion and "quantum creativity." Together, individuals can build alliances, or "networks of grace" and new worlds will start to arise. Listen to Harvey explain how.

Global Citizenry - Sacred Activism Part Seven
In Part Seven of the Sacred Activism series, Harvey addresses his conviction that the Divine wants humanity to get through a kind of birth canal-to a whole new way of being in the universe. In the end, humans always have free will-with that, it is possible we can in fact deny the divine, and, in doing so, destroy all life on the planet. Narcissism of every variety poses a basic threat that cannot be denied. Every act, every gesture counts, and so does reverence for all beings including the animals. Listen to Harvey explain how best to work day-to-day and in every moment with the blessing of the divine so that immense problems can be solved.

For more information about Andrew Harvey's work, go to
For more information about the Institute for Sacred Activism and/or to sign up for the Institute's mailing list, go to

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