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Asunto:[redluzargentina] Nueva revolucion educativa / Capacitacion en Activismo / Contacto Africano / Programa Interredes / Global Leadership News - October 1, 2005 / Michael Lightweaver / Elisabeth Tepper Kofod / VI Encuentro RedLuz este mes en Chile!
Fecha:Lunes, 3 de Octubre, 2005  10:02:51 (-0500)
Autor:Programa Interredes <redanahuak>

From: Programa Interredes <> 
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 20:34:51 -0500 
To: Foro Interredes <> 
Subject: Nueva revolucion educativa / Capacitacion en Activismo / Contacto 
Africano / Programa Interredes / Global Leadership News - October 1, 2005 / 
Michael Lightweaver / Elisabeth Tepper Kofod / VI Encuentro RedLuz este mes 
en Chile! 
Querid@s amig@s: 
Los invito a leer con detenimiento el siguiente boletín, que tiene vectores 
informativos de la nueva retícula dorada planetaria de suma importancia
este tiempo, hoy desde el International Institute For Global Leadership 
(IIGL) de Michael Lightweaver: nueva revolución educativa, capacitación de 
activistas de la luz, contacto africano (!) y mecanismos para difundir e 
interactuar multidireccionalmente en infinidad de recursos de luz en la web 
'por un mundo mejor', como el Programa Interredes, que fue inspirado por
mismas energías y tiempos en 1998 y en los cinco encuentros internacionales 
RedLuz organizados hasta el momento. Los invitamos este mes de octubre al 
sexto encuentro en Santiago de Chile para hablar de estos asuntos! 
Por ahora queremos felicitar a nuestra alianza venezolana Elisabeth Tepper 
Kofod (, por su destacada participación en el 
IIGL, a partir de las experiencias con Michael Lightweaver 
( en Caracas durante los trabajos del III Encuentro 
Internacional RedLuz 2002, y por su nuevo tema: 'The Argument Culture. 
Stopping America's War of Words'. 
Esperamos pronto tus insights, hermana Elisabeth! 
Gracias por el esfuerzo de traducir los materiales del IIGL al español! 
Pueden conocer más sobre ella en 
Saludos fraternales a tod@s! 
Gracias por hacer la Red! 
Be in JOY! 
Ricardo Ocampo 
Centro Radiante ANAHUAK 
Mexico City 
(en construcción/solicitamos webmasters) 
* * * * * * * * * * 
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 21:44:55 -0400 (EDT) 
Subject: Global Leadership News - October 1, 2005 
International Institute For Global Leadership 
Issue #46 * October 1st, 2005 
Asheville, NC. USA 
Laptop Donations - Thanks! 
In the last newsletter I made an appeal for laptops for Anik to use in 
translating our website for the creation of the French division and to take 
home with him to Morocco to use in creating French/Arabic section.   I'm 
pleased to announce that we have had two laptops donated, thanks to two of 
our students: Nahla Rifai, of Jordan and Julian Murphy of the UK.   Nahla
currently living is Switzerland and working with the United Nations. Julian 
is living in Bangkok, Thailand and is working in internet technology.   It 
was especially gratifying that IIGL students made these donations.   Thanks 
to both of you, the IIGL work is now able to expand into new areas. 
Affiliate Institutes 
We are moving forward steadily with the development of the French and 
Spanish divisions.   We have found all of the Level One books in French and 
Spanish.   Roger, in Côte d'Ivoire, reports that he has about ten French 
speaking students who are ready to enroll once we have all of our systems
place.   Elisabeth, in Venezuela, already has the first Spanish speaking 
student enrolled while she is working on the website translation.   Our
is to have everything in place and ready to formally open these two new 
divisions by the first of the year.   Budget?   Nope, no money for these 
yet.   But it will come.   Don't know when or from where, but we are all 
about learning to manifest.   Your interdimensional assistance in helping
to hold the energy for this would be most appreciated. 
Curriculum Development 
Thanks to the initiative of one of our board members, Roshan Billimoria
Sedona, Arizona, USA, we have a new Curriculum Development Team which is 
working to formulate and refine the IIGL curriculum for the advanced levels 
of study.   The team is composed of board members, students and
who represent diverse professional, linguistic, ethnic & international 
backgrounds.   In October, active students will be receiving an email from 
the team, requesting your input in helping to shape the IIGL curriculum. 
Website Update 
We are currently in the process of updating our website.   Now you can see 
photos from our Advisory Council meeting in June by clicking here: We have also posted the 
complete written assignments for Level Three studies.   To review these, 
click here:   More changes 
are in the works and they will be announced in the November newsletter. 
Met Our New Students 
We were pleased to introduce four new students who moved from provisional
active status in August after they completed their first two introductory 
books: Jonathan Livingston Seagull & As A Man Thinketh. 
Balogun Yekinni Abidemie (Nigeria) 
Balogun, who will be 29 years old next month, is one of five children.   He 
is a graduate from Lagos State Polytechnics University in Ikorodu, with a 
major in finances and banking. Currently he is performing his one year 
national youth service in training students to teach their peers about 
HIV/AIDS.   He lists two of his fovourite books as 'The Rich Day, Poor
& "How to Manage Your finances." 
Joel. U. Ebute (Nigeria) 
Joel, who is 26 years old, completed his undergraduate work in computer 
science and is currently doing post graduate work in Computer Information 
Systems.   He has various interests in addition to network programing.  
of these is teaching and lecturing youth with information that will help 
them make the world a better place to live.   He enjoys music and is the 
music director for his church choir of 50 members.   Top on the list of 
personal values are peace, compassion, justice, sustainability, community, 
integrity, appreciation of diversity, caring for the Earth and our fellow 
beings, creativity, and living an authentic and meaningful life. 
Oluwafemi Gbodi (Nigeria) 
Oluwafemi, who is 25 and a student, was born in Ile-Ife, Osun State, 
Nigeria.   His parents are both civil servants.   He lists his hobbies as 
football, movies, listing to soft music, long driving and reading. Hi dream 
in life is to improve his community and world. He states that his  
movie is BEST MAN and his favorite book is TRUE EDUCATION. 
Prince Devison Nze (Nigeria) 
Prince, who just turned 30, is a human rights activist, peace educator and 
computer analyst. He graduated in Computer Science from Akanu Ibiam Federal 
Polytechnic University in Nigeria and also obtained an Advance Professional 
Diploma in Industrial Statistics from Nigeria Institute of Industrial 
Statisticians (NIIS). While in school he was a volunteer with Leo Club 
international, a youth wing of Lions Club.   This led to his involvement in 
human rights activism in 1997 during the era of Nigeria's former ruler, 
General Sani Abacha. He has worked with both local and international 
programs in the nonprofit sector in Nigeria, including ACAT-Nigeria, Centre 
for Environmental Partnership, Peoples Rights Organisation, etc. 
Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Human Rights and Justice 
Group International based in Nigeria. He sees his major goal in life as a 
young African, to become a world changer in order to affect/change the
of people the people of Nigeria, Africa and the world. 
Student Progress 
Nine of our students completed a total of 21 books and assessments this 
month. Our congratulations to: 
Iqbal Mussa Hajat (Malawi) 
* PsychoCybernetics 2000 
Linquist Asiebela (Kenya) 
* Success Through Positive Mental Attitude 
* Real Magic 
Emmanuel Osuoza (Nigeria) 
* PsychoCybernetics 2000 by Maxwell Maltz Foundation 
* Unconditional Life 
Balogun Yekinni Abidemie (Nigeria) 
* As A Man Thinketh by James Allen 
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach 
Oluwafemi Gbodi (Nigeria) 
* As A Man Thinketh by James Allen 
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach 
Joel.U. Ebute   (Nigeria) 
* As A Man Thinketh by James Allen 
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach 
Prince Devison Nze (Nigeria) 
* As A Man Thinketh by James Allen 
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach 
Elisabeth Tepper (Venezuela) 
* The Argument Culture. Stopping America's War of Words 
Ratherford Mwaruta (Zimbabwe) 
* Development As Freedom: Amartya Sen. 
* Beyond Globalization: Shaping Sustainable Global Economy: Hazel Henderson 
* Globalization and Its Discontent - Joseph Stiglitz 
* The Power of Servant Leadership: By Robert K.Greenleaf 
* The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: by John C. Maxwell 
* The Autobiography of Martin Luther King: Edited by Clayborne Carson 
* Gandhi an Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments with the Truth 
Global Resources 
The Global Resources Links at our website put enormous internet resources
your fingertips. Each month we highlight three of these. 
The Alternative Education Resource Organization 
The Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) is a non-profit 
organization founded in 1989 by education expert Jerry Mintz to advance 
learner-centered approaches to education. AERO is considered by many to be 
the primary hub of communications and support for educational alternatives 
around the world. 
Top 50 African Websites 
Rated the top 50 African Web Sites in the categories of Education, Culture, 
Science, Community Development & Public Information. 
Envirolink Network 
A grassroots online community that unites hundreds of organizations and 
volunteers from more than 150 countries and is dedicated to providing you 
with the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available. 
Become A Partner In Changing Lives 
Do you remember a time in your life when something you read in one 
particular book opened a whole new world to you, became a turning point,
your life was never the same after that?   Books are like that. They are
window to a larger world than the family, village, nation, religion & 
culture we grew up in.   Books, and the new ideas they often bring, have 
always been a threat to religious, political and cultural demigods who want 
to control people's minds. They can be dangerous things by spawning freedom 
of thought and inquiry. They can be threatening to all kinds of status quo 
by offering readers a window to a much larger reality. 
Below is something I just received from Mark Mazadu, one of our Nigerian 
students. He has completed his first two levels of study.   His first 
assignment for Level Three was to write about the impact the IIGL studies 
have had on him and his life.   This will give you just a glimpse of what 
the Institute is doing. 
More than ever, the world needs personally empowered, consciously aware, 
high-integrity and heart-centered leaders. This is our sole mission, and
can be a part of that mission. $20 will cover the cost of purchasing and 
shipping one book half way around the world, but we welcome contributions
any amount.   And if you can't contribute financially, then we invite you
help us hold the vision, dream and goal of this work being fully supported 
at all levels and moving forward successfully. 
If you wish to contribute, checks on US banks can be made payable to the 
International Institute For Global Leadership and mailed to the address 
below.   For credit card donations & bank transfers, just email me and I 
will send details. 
Michael Lightweaver 
International Institute For Global Leadership 
PO Box 18909, Asheville, NC. 28814, USA 
From Mark Elisha Mazadu (Nigeria) 
When I first saw my task for level three, even without reading it, I knew
would be more rewarding, interesting and will require more time and
thinking. I felt so because I guess it connects you to things you've read, 
both the ones you can remember and those you can't. 
Having gone through levels one and two, known to each and every student of 
IIGL as the personal empowerment levels, I must say that was the most 
important and valuable moments of my life, when I read through and 
understanding my task the need to write on things I've learnt the first 
thing I told myself, was where will you start from? Because I've learnt a 
lot that writing all I've learnt will result to writing the story of my
which I guess will include both the past and the present. 
However at this point I would like to say I'll try as much as I can to
my gains into key major lessons I've learnt that will forever remain fresh 
in my mind. 
First I learnt how to catch a dream. I never knew much before becoming a 
student of IIGL about goal setting or an act of catching a dream. Then I 
thought all you need do with your life is following what just comes your
either good or bad. 
My greatest joy today is getting to realize that dreams defines the limit
a mans destiny and knowing things a man needs do or rather I need do as an 
individual to accomplish my dream in life. Working that knowledge I grew 
into knowing that without actually looking up to a particular thing in
there is limit to how far I could go. When we look at things critically, I 
must say i's common in Africa most especially among Nigerians and among 
youths that whoever is successful is being attributed to have been born
a sliver spoon. Insted of setting real goals and ways we'll achieve such 
goals.   Youths rather think well it's not my luck besides I'm not born
a silver spoon.   At this point I'll say this is the genesis of the problem 
most African youths have that result into abject poverty for most people
to unrealistic means of setting goals and ways of achieving them, for
we learn to set our own goals things will never work as it ought to. 
Number two principle I've learnt is the power of purpose. Benjamin Disraeli 
will always say 'the secret of success is continuality through purpose'.
one constant thing I've noticed among successful people is that they all
men of great purpose. They all had a purpose in life. They not only have 
purpose in life but they knew what it really takes to achieve their purpose 
in life. I belief before a vehicle moves, you need get that which it 
requires to move, which include Petrol. Engine oil and so on. Therefore 
before any man becomes successful, he needs be a man of great purpose
a particular thing. 
One thing that amazes me too is the fact that purpose empowers ability, 
rejects stativity, commands authority, conpletes fulfillment and finally 
secures destiny. I so much believe our inability to do something in life is 
not because of anything but because of the image we paint of ourselves. 
Each time I sit and think, one thing I regret is my not knowing my purpose 
on time, but I got one consolation too, which is my journey so far, which I 
attribute to daily empowerment to always work with the present and not the 
past. I still remember when I knew nothing about purpose; all I sit to do
inject negative thoughts into myself, and instead of getting empower since 
that used to be my primary aim I still get depressed. I'm happy today every 
moment of my life now keeps increasing day by day. 
Then each time I look at successful people, the first thing that comes to
mind was, can I really be this successful? And I'll also tell myself was 'I 
guess not you cant.' Why because a lot of things were missing in my life
knowing my purpose in life was one of them, it was an unfortunate thing
I lacked the clear understanding that a mans future is dependent on his 
present foundation. Some are black, others white, some intelligent, others 
less intelligent, some bound, other free. But I guess one fact still stands 
out clearly that reminds us all that we all are born with a specific
in life. Well at this point I would like to say the force behind my saying 
this now is the different mindset I now carry which keeps moving my steps 
above my equals. 
Dedication is one thing I've also learnt, which equally talks much on 
commitment. One particular thing that actually sets men above their equals 
is their ability to be committed towards everything they do. It is believed 
when you put in one hour and another fellow puts in fifteen minutes there
no way the two will get the same result. Why because the other is more 
committed than the other through the use of time. 
Having read a lot of books I've come to realize that you need be committed 
to a productive life before you can attract success. I always remind myself 
each passing day that the key to success is preparation and dedication. I'm 
glad I now have a great deal of what it takes to be committed, at this
I'll like to say life is all about commitment, for commitment is a life
treasure as life is all about finding solutions. 
I learnt to always believe in myself, there are times when I used to avoid
lot of things, why because, I never believed in myself, I always get 
discouraged, any little challenge aha, that's the end, I give up even 
without thinking twice. Well thank God I've got a great lessons on great 
books I've read and ever since my life has not been the same again. I've 
learnt to always believe in myself by encouraging myself to keep trying at 
all cost till I get the desired result. 
Engaging the tool of patience is one thing I've also made part of me as
of lesson's I've learnt during the course of my levels one and two studies. 
I now realize that to every thing there is a season and a time, therefore
doing the right things and at the right time, I'll get to that place I've 
always wish to. 
Other things I've learnt include time management, which has really taught
a great deal on how to maximize my 24 hours given to everyone equally both 
the rich and the poor. And secondly financial management and issues that 
concern's relationship and how to keep one. I've also learnt a lot on 
capacity building which I've described below. 
In this era of fast moving and fast minded approach to everything, there is 
a need to take a pause and momentarily take a look at life from without. 
A strong search for relevance and importance generally resides in each and 
every one of us, although the only way t 
attain importance is to endeavor to make contributions to our world and the 
people around us. This leads to a place where we realize that we can only 
give what we have. 
This means that an empty life would surely produce empty results as 
sustenance of success is only possible as a product of accumulated strength 
in time past. 
Life and history as witnessed the strong roll call of men and women who
assumed success as their trademark. Benjamin Franklin, Mary Kay, Abraham 
Lincoln, Samuel Adedoyin (Doyin Group) Aliko Dangote, Arthur McGuiness 
(Guinness plc) est. 
In between these people lies less than 15 years of formal education,
within the constraint of their desires, they became renowned voices adding 
an excellence touch to every aspect of human endeavor they mingled with. 
Franklin had only about three years of formal education, however he taught 
himself single handedly till he became a lawyer as well as a remarkable 
inventor. He is also regarded as one of the founding fathers of the present 
USA with an unparallel contribution to the drafting of the American 
Adedoyin of   Doyin Groups is an entrepreneur with holdings in more than 20 
viable sectors, his educational career ended before he was 15 however he 
stands as one of   Nigeriaís foremost industrialist and employer of labor 
These aforementioned people were at inception equal to every youth around 
them as at then. However, continuous self improvement and development as 
produced men and women of deep know how about most issues. 
If we still remember the starting of quote, there is a need to dig deep to 
find answers to issues affecting us so as to stay a step ahead of our 
Capacity building involves expansion of the mental frontiers as knowledge 
never leaves you the same, it helps create focus, guide reasoning, shape 
thoughts, liberate mindsets and ultimately establish control to a large 
extent, over life and its issues/ challenges. 
Capacity building can be done by READING, DEEP REASONING, GIVING REGARD TO 
FLEEING/ PASSING INFORMATION as within them is the seed for transformation 
etc.   Also, every activity and experience that stretches the mind 
positively, and in a defined pattern, rather than create confusion. 
In conclusion, it is necessary to note that capacity building saves you
an incapacitate position at the peak or summit of success. 
We need to establish a strong desire to make use of 15 billion pieces of 
information estimated foe each day (in circulation) to ensure relevance in 
an ever changing world like ours. 
Thanks for leading those who have read as we are pleased to see the birth
a new dawn in life as well as follow up to success. 
                        ~ Aprenda a Invertir ~ 
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