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Musandam Oman travel guide
Like any other region of the world, the Middle East and Musandam in it have some custom traditions and values that must not be breached when touring here. Foreigners understandably don’t know much about most of these customs and it is easy to make a mistake that might not even be recognized as a mistake in say the United States but is totally against the values of people in the Middle East. Few security and safety tips must always be kept in mind when travelling into the country as well. Here are some significant travel tips that can save you much hassle and inconvenient situations for your Khasab Musandam Trip in 2018. 1: Dressing Up Conservatively The Middle East may be known for its posh and modern looking buildings and architecture, but the whole region is under the Islamic law that binds its people to always dress up conservatively. For tourists, although there is no special law or enforcement in place that requires them to wear long hijabs and cover everything up, yet it is highly disrespectful in some places to expose too much. You must be dressed up conservatively in whatever sense of dressing you have to gain the respect of the local people and maybe even dress up the local way. 3: Cooperation with the Authorities Some countries of the world allow you to be as open with the authorities as you’d like and that can be experienced even more in English speaking countries where communication is not a problem. But for foreigners travelling to the Middle East for their holiday especially when they don’t speak the local language at all, any unintentional gestures or badly managed words can announce disrespect for the authorities. It is best to be as cooperative with all of them as possible even for something you don’t think is offensive. 4: Respect for the Holy Places Being the center of the Islamic world, the Middle East has a high number of holly places like mosques, sacred buildings and respectable places in general. It is significant for all the tourists to not disrespect any of them under any circumstances. Most authorities take severe action if anyone is found disrespecting any of the holy places of the holy belief at all. The Musandam peninsula is mostly an open place religiously but still requires respect for all the holy places in its range and you should always take care when traveling to the region. 5: Make Sure Not to Photograph Any Prohibited Sites Some rules and regulations are in place for some of the critical sites and locations, most of these are either holy or residential palaces of the Sultans and Kings. If you want to take good pictures for your social media posts, there are plenty of opportunities with all the natural landscapes or beautiful buildings, just make sure to avoid any prohibited ones. Most of them are marked with warning signs, follow them to avoid any inconveniences. 6: No Food Consuming During the Day for the Month of Ramadan Chances are that most people will visit the Musandam region outside of the holy month of Ramadan because not many tour operators offer attractive tours during that time but if you do visit during that particular month, it is advised to not consume any food or drink items in public during the day out of respect for the fasting people. Consuming food or drinks in private rooms can be carried out as routine however. Khasab Sea Tours is a well-known tourism company in Musandam Oman. KST operate variety of tour packages in Khasab Oman. We provide services for visitors across the world. Khasab is the best getaway from Dubai for vacation & holidays. We have best tour packages in Khasab those suites the requirements of tourists.
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