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Cowboys, NFL want SB tix suit dismissed
The Cowboys and theauthentic nfl jerseys NFL have asked that a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of ticket holders who were denied their purchased seats at the Super Bowl be dismissed on the grounds that they've already done enough to compensate those affected. Their motion claims that the league "went beyond its contractual obligations" in offering compensation to those who bought tickets but were displaced because the seats they bought weren'tnfl youth jerseys ready in time for a glittering showcase sporting event for which the Dallas-Fort Worth area was pitifully unprepared. The motion also claims no one was defrauded because the league worked so very hard that day to try to correct the situation. Attorneys for thenfl jerseys for cheap league and for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have claimed in earlier court filings that they have offered to pay between $4.5 million and $9.3 million in damages to reimburse the 3,296 fans who were affected. And while that does sound like a lot of money, many of those people justifiably feel as though it doesn't account for being denied a chance to see their favorite team play in the Super Bowl in person for possibly the only time in their lives. I'm no lawyer, butnfl mens jerseys I know this: If I'd been in the parking lot that day selling tickets to people, and the seats on those tickets I sold them didn't exist, there's a decent chance I could have been thrown in jail. That's what Jones and the NFL did -- sold tickets to seats that didn't exist. I believe the court should throw the proverbial book at them.
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