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A Professional multi-functional intelligent vehicle-mounted computer diagnostic equipment
As professional multi-functional intelligentized automotive diagnostic computer equipment, FCAR OBD2 automotive scanner follow International Standard Design. With the big color touch screen, high resolution display integrated structural design, single-track working and touch operation etc these special designs make you feel more easily, conveniently and faster during diagnosis. The hardcore follows the international advanced modularized design technology, with the excellent performance of high speed , stability, data collection accurate, etc. With openning structure design and independent operating system, making the upgrade of system software and diagnostic software more convenient in the furture. OBD II heavy duty scanner code reader working power supply is from Vehicle storage battery which can meet the voltage change between 9~27V. Internal power supply is designed by separating power supply which can avoid products to be damaged when vehicle voltage is abnormal. Honda CRV's CD player locked up, and whether Fcar OBD diesel truck scanner can unlock and how? A: The CD of Honda CRV is manually unlock, can not be unlocked with tools, unlocking method as follows: ??(1) This car has been set with original factory CD unlock code, which need to be offered wby owner, open Audio, the display shows CODE words, which the letter C flashing, indicating sound locked, enter the number provided by owner into display, at last display shows a radio frequency, audio unlock. ??(2) If the owner can not provide the original code, there is a universal code is 34443. Decode ?can be entered in accordance with equence code. And also by this analogy,the original code can be found between 11111-66666 in the original cod till the Audio unlocked.Each time of audi decode input only allows 3 times of code input,if more than three times, need to disconnect the battery to recover memory.
Categoria:  Artículos - Camiones & Furgonetas
Palabras clave:  OBD II Code Reader,Auto Scanner,Car Diagnostic Tool
Rango del precio:  30.00~50.00
Condición:  Nuevo o usado
Fecha de publicación:  09/05/2013 22:41
Zona:  shen zhen 518057, China

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