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led grow lights according to the function is divided into general lighting and local lighting
Local lighting is a way to improve a work site illumination lamps. Its effect may be based on the strengthening of the general illumination , supplemental lighting , can not require the usual lighting in some places ( such as equipment maintenance, maintenance shops ) as temporary lighting . Most of their light distribution without strict rules . Local lighting lamps are usually installed in the vicinity of the work area to the use of safety extra-low voltage (≤ 50V, AC RMS ) for incandescent, halogen light source . Yes ( portable ) running lights, hanging lamps, work lamps, machine work lights. In some tall plants , and are sometimes used for local lighting Spotlights .
led lights according to traditional light sources can be divided into mining lamps ( eg sodium led lighting , mercury mining lamps , etc. ) and LED mining lamp . Compared to the traditional led grow lights have great advantages :
1 LED High Bay Light CRI RA> 70
2 LED mining light high efficiency, more energy , equivalent to a 100W led grow lighting can replace traditional 250W traditional mining lamp .
3 conventional light sources have the disadvantage of high temperature lamps , lamp temperature up to 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source , lighting , low temperature, more secure.
4 LED mining lamp in constant innovation , the latest mining lamp radiator fin heat sink design more reasonable , greatly reducing the weight of mining lamps , so 80W led lighting overall weight dropped to less 4KG , and perfect solution for 80-300W LED mining lamp cooling problems . Find led high bay light ,Full Spectrum led grow light flowering plant and hydroponics system,well come to Artículos - Negocios
Palabras clave:  led grow lights, led grow lighting, led grow lights
Rango del precio:  150.00~250.00
Condición:  Nuevo
Fecha de publicación:  05/04/2015 23:30
Zona:  shen zhen 518057, China

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