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Blade & Soul's Gunner Class Available Now on CN Servers
The 10th class Gunner is now available on Blade & Soul's CN servers. As you can see from the following screenshot, the new class can be equipped with several different weapons. At the same time there will be blade and soul gold buy cheap. It seems like NCSoft's intent is to completely phase out the Tomb-tier content along with everything below it, and requiring it be run would be counter to that, so almost certainly not no matter what their test servers show. Your time is better spent farming excess peaches imo. Yeah nice comparison but the thing is, legendary drop rate was and still is so poor (as rightfully pointed out by the community at that time) they had to add tokens. Now you're guaranteed to get your acce after 100 runs of a dungeon. In normal mode. Will you also be guaranteed to have your 5 augments after 100 runs? Plus always keep in mind this is somewhat of a temporary upgrade. Similar to awakened stages, it will all go to waste once you get your next tier of acce since it won't carry over or reduce the costs at all. Now you might say it doesn't matter because it pays for itself in the end and you keep your acce for quite a long time anyway, but I don't like the direction the design team is headed with this in general. However, if the augments are easy to get and thus fairly cheap it'll be acceptable. Again, similar to awakened stages (those are cheap blade and soul gold and therefore acceptable/worth it).
Categoria:  Artículos - Negocios
Palabras clave:  blade and soul gold buy cheap,cheap blade and soul gold
Rango del precio:  1.00~7.00
Condición:  Nuevo o usado
Fecha de publicación:  18/06/2018 20:56
Zona:  WUZHONG 62278951, China

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