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Can Buy BNS And Do Whatever They Want Like CN
What Ncsoft don't understand is that we don't put money in the game because we like the paid feature but because we like the game. For example, if they remove stamps we wont spend less blade and soul gold, we will just spend it on something else. So they have to make the game a better place that we like and want to stay on if they want us to spend more. Honestly id love this idea even if it was locked behind premium, allow anyone to store costumes and premium allows withdrawal on any character There's no reason for the stamp system to exist other than to nickle and dime players. Players that ALREADY spent money to get most of these costumes in the first place. Let me remind you that our region is different to the others. Also, many features have undergone large changes like the wardrobe (showroom) becoming free. Moreover, NC claims that we should voice our opinions if we wish to change a feature and imo this thing is worth changing. Now, sending a costume is 120 hmcoins and if you have over 100 costumes, that becomes 12,000 hmcoins or even more for some players, doesn’t seem really dirt cheap to me... The fact that a character has over 100 cosmetics item on it means that character hold a lot of time and effort on it, why do you still want to reroll? If you really want to, then consider other solutions like mailing only 5 or 6 sets of cosmetics and leave the old character there instead of waiting for something to change hopelessly Official server, but private server taste. I think NA/EU should vote for some company that can buy BNS and do whatever they want like cheap bns gold, so people will stop whining about everything
Categoria:  Artículos - Juegos de video
Palabras clave:  cheap bns gold
Rango del precio:  1.00~5.00
Condición:  Nuevo o usado
Fecha de publicación:  18/06/2018 20:59
Zona:  WUZHONG 62278951, China

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