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StreetDance 2 3D, Opisyal na Trailer, Sa United Kingdom Cinemas Marso 30 2012
Enviado por redvalentinez hace 126 meses, 2 semanas, 10 horas.
Categoría: Críticas de películas
Clasificado G | Inglés
Aparece en la lista de 2 persona/s.
Kapag ang tuktok kalye mananayaw Ash (Hentschel) laughed off ang yugto ng Amerikanong tauhan masusupil, siya at ang kanyang pinakamahusay na kapares Eddie (George Sampson) set off upang lumikom ng pinakamahusay na dancers mula sa buong mundo na kumuha ang mga ito sa - na may isang estilo ng sayaw na

#1 - Por sophiagrace, 48 meses, 3 semanas, 5 horas.
Extraordinary move motion picture! Typical light weight plot, all things considered extraordinary moving, and a decent soundtrack. I've watched a bundle of times as of now! I need to get the soundtrack, as well.
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#2 - Por Adriantoth, 42 meses, 3 semanas, 4 días, 5 horas.
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#3 - Por FerminRedman, 42 meses, 1 semana, 2 días, 14 horas.
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#4 - Por albertopodrico, 41 meses, 1 semana, 9 horas.
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#5 - Por peter885, 38 meses, 4 semanas, 1 día, 9 horas.
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