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Ricardo Montaner. Bésame.
Enviado por hace 172 meses, 1 semana, 3 días, 20 horas.
Categoría: Música
Clasificado G | Español
Aparece en la lista de 28 persona/s.
Ricardo Montaner. Bésame.

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Now that you have me, do you want me still?
My kisses are history they go back a long time
Uh, and I'm tired of loving
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Kiss my lips
with your tears of joy;
kiss me and the moon,
and eclipse the sun with your hands;
kiss the lines between my body and my silhouette;
and with your moist lips, kiss the depths of the seas.

Kiss the whisper at my ear;
kiss the path from my hands to your touch;
with the sweat from your forehead,
kiss all of mine,
and teach me all over
how to taste you.

Kiss my fields and my flowers
with your little drops of colors;
kiss the rain
that slides down the window;
kiss my happiness and my sadness,
and you'll say I am going too fast -
kiss me and let me live it with a cry of bliss.

Kiss the outbursts of hopes,
kiss all of my passions;
kiss all of my beginnings until I am finished;
kiss my days and my nights;
my rainstorms and my bright blue sky.

Kiss my eyes
still asleep in the morning,
kiss my skin
with your ever sweet lips.

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