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Enviado por juancito1946 hace 185 meses, 2 semanas, 4 días, 12 horas.
Categoría: Documental
Clasificado G | Español
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Tren de las nubes. Provincia de Salta. Argentina. norte del pais.....una belleza.

#1 - Por Thanh lap cong ty, 111 meses, 3 semanas, 3 días, 23 horas.
đơn đăng ký hình thức kế toán

#2 - Por tuan, 99 meses, 2 semanas, 2 días, 8 horas.
thanh lap cong ty gia re

#3 - Por mucincanon, 41 meses, 6 días, 1 hora.
In the competition, performance or film, the sidekick attack is always Bruce Lee's favorite. Beside one inch stroke that made his famous, the sidekick attack enchanted millions of martial artists and martial artists all over the world to learn and follow. The important point in this kick  is at the point of contact rather than the movement of the foot, while the majority of martial artists when the foot hit the target have no force, otherwise only the opponent is pushed away, it’s not really hurt the opponent. Meanwhile, if you are kicked by Bruce Lee you will be knocked out immediately, because at the point of contact he accelerated the speed as well as put the weight of the body inside the kick, when kicked the opponent is not only pushed away but also injured inside the body extremely serious.

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