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Nudismo en el río Sorbe
Enviado por hace 132 meses, 2 semanas, 2 días, 15 horas.
Categoría: VJ's
Clasificado G | Español
Aparece en la lista de 6 persona/s.
Pasando el dia en el río sorbe, lógicamente como mas nos gusta. Desnudos,lo mas natural

#1 - Por mucinhp, 97 meses, 2 semanas, 6 días, 14 horas.

mực in hp 49a

#2 - Por huunghia, 94 meses, 3 semanas, 2 días.

may in da nang hp 1212nf

#3 - Por hanavuha, 38 meses, 5 días, 1 hora.
Đòn đá lướt ngang” is a skill in the traditional martial arts of Vietnam , also known as sidekick attack, but the implementation of this attack has many weaknesses. The left foot forward to perform this move, the left leg is not so good and the impact force is weak or they use the right foot behind it also makes the attack less effective, because to reach the target  right foot  from the back up should take a long time to make opponents have time to prevent. The best way to do a sidekick is to bring right leg in front  that Bruce Lee has created, with this stand will kick faster, stronger and opponents also have no time to prevent.

#4 - Por Deannaort, 15 meses, 1 semana, 23 horas.
Such pages have nothing for us because they never showing demands on the page we people never make such review ideas, But due to some reason it is not good for us to handle these things and also to check them for always increase demands.

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