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Duncan said Friday that he will step down from his post in December.
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They are the reason I'm standing here today."
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An aerial view of The Villages retirement community in Central Florida, June 27, 2015
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He won the case and the convictions were overturned by the court.
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On the Saturday morning they still might not be switched on
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"She was calling for help because the sea was coming into her house," she told Associated Press
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Attacks on foreigners are rare in Bangladesh, despite a rising tide of Islamist violence over the past year that has seen four online critics of religious militancy hacked to death, among them a U.S
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21, usually when they lose ground to show that they're still viable and to attract young recruits
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“It’s not on the agenda as far as we are concerned,” he says
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Ortiz, who had sat out three of the previous six games, returned to hit his 37th home run
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Now, Microsoft is throwing more money behind its gaming ambitions with a new acquisition.
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Also knowing that others have gone through what I am experiencing is comforting
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Cable cars moving towards the island resort of Sentosa are shrouded by haze in Singapore September 29, 2015
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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives provided the information late Thursday in an incident report obtained by The Associated Press
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I'm not able to play more than one day in a row and I'm feeling some pain because my wrist needed more time to heal."
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I would hope that if he is selected for England it is on merit, rather than as part of a tactical decision to get him away from the Ireland squad
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From more middle class backgrounds they have more disposable income, and perhaps less gender-restrictive domestic arrangements.
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Joaquin, the third hurricane of the 2015 Atlantic season, was expected to move away from the Bahamas on Friday night
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