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Road to success with B2B eCommerce
Road to success with B2B eCommerce now plays a big part in businesses. It is growing at an aggressive rate between 21 – 41%. The acquisition of eCommerce is now prioritized more than the traditional face-to-face store. Even eCommerce faces numerous challenges. Many businesses do not have the means to implement and sustain an eCommerce business. 47% are integrating eCommerce with their traditional sales models. 52% are still developing the right business model, and 62% are searching for the right technology. Aside from technology, businesses rely on 3rd party support for guidance – 59% for implementation. 55% for the ongoing management, and 48% for strategy.
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Palabras clave:  Road to success with B2B eCommerce
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Fecha de publicación:  02/11/2020 13:12
Zona:  Alaska , Estados Unidos

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