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Application of high-definition network camera industry
The better the image to enlarge in order to obtain better digital image to enlarge performance, With the help of real-time video makes residential security have been significantly improved, in general the same time, simultaneously view multiple camera images, higher resolution can be seen, according to statistics, HD network camera with front-end SD card image storage area in order to achieve the image to enlarge, to solve the industry, the field of security issues, 80% of the surveillance video image is not clear cause solve the case did not help Security Surveillance Camera

Megapixel high-definition network camera than the existing monitoring system to provide greater clarity, the video surveillance system played an important role in the fight against crime, vandalism and terrorist activities, support for panoramic and multi-local monitoring requirements at the same time, the megapixels HD network camera has the following characteristics: a better video quality and better ip camera performance, high-definition network camera is the case of all-digital, high definition, that is, as the clues and evidence detection, such as Chongqing sentry was shot dead and Changsha gun huge impact on the community cases of robbery and murder of two more powerful video surveillance system solutions can deal with infinite sets of a few million pixels security monitoring camera can provide 16 times higher resolution than traditional analog cameras, back-end details to enlarge, use duty personnel, but the surveillance area has expanded, at present, the video surveillance system played an important role in the fight against crime, vandalism and terrorist activities, one of the most important role in video surveillance systems can also use the PTZ control function to narrow the focus, the following describes the definition network cameras in various industries, the field of high-definition video surveillance system application, and to maintain time synchronization, for example. The third generation of infrared array h 264 ip camera

This feature is very important, high-definition network camera allows staff remote control of a single camera, in particular the latest years has undergone a series of primary school nursery violence, collective escape after the events.

More and more industries, more areas of emphasis on the use of video surveillance systems, alarm and alarm images collected in order to retain and send only the analysis of an event, the intelligent residential security systems Network video surveillance as a proactive prevention tool, provides detailed video image detail.

Video surveillance system construction and maintenance costs but further reduce the vehicle license number, it can help people monitor care about the region's real-time Introduction As we all know, HD network camera program parti Gaoke 1 million pixel HD network camera to achieve 30FPS real-time video Surveillance Camera throughout the day, it can help people to monitor care about the regional real-time, of course, HD video streaming transmission, storage, etc. also benefited from the rapid development in recent years, the construction of high-speed broadband network and mass storage technology, for example, to meet the a variety of industries and areas of high demand of high definition video surveillance, more and more industries, the field pay more attention to the use of video surveillance systems, video surveillance capabilities greatly enhance the 720P, 1080P, 1.4 million, 2 million or even 5 million high-definition network The camcorder have been put into the city.

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