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Describes how to correct Usage fcar f3-d of automotive scan tools

Usage of automotive scan tools.You're tooling down the road; it's a pretty, sunny summer day, and towards top it off, your car is operating definitely perfectly.

Perfectly, except for that Check Engine light gleaming want a beacon of bad news. What's going on? The car still operates well and idles fine. Maybe it's an electric snafu. It's sure towards curve itself off at a number of degree, right? Which it does. And otherwise it arrives back, type of at random. Now it's moment towards traverse the state emissions inspection towards redevelop your plates, and your car ain't gonna traverse with that light on.

Can consume one or many mechanisms numbered beneath towards troubleshooting electronic-controlled engine.
(1)Self-diagnosis(automotive scanner): Have visual inspection onto portion or fractions that powers be faulty, and consume pressure gage towards audit inlet pressure, expend pressure and gasoline pressure.
(2)Manufacturer provides troubleshooting manoeuvre or manual: Refer towards index of manual so as towards encounter required information and data hastily and otherwise pursue the advised troubleshooting paces towards do pace via step.
(3) Switching box: Using convenient joint container can safely audit circuit pressure, latest, opposition, short circuit, open circuit, or grounding with digimer.
(4)automotive diagnostic scanner of the Diagnose relating line: consume together with advised jumper, can elicit flash code retained within ECU, or consume diagnostic switch or short circuit plug (see Pic. 4-33)on organ panel towards callout retained mistake code(such as Fcar F3-D auto diagnostic scanner),and can see or distort engine form, towards output information inform that convenient for use.

Categoria:  Artículos - Coches
Palabras clave:  Car Diagnostic, OBD2 Code Reader,OBD,Automotive Diagnostic
Rango del precio:  100.00~700.00
Condición:  Nuevo o usado
Fecha de publicación:  22/04/2013 00:28
Zona:  shen zhen 518057, China

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