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Guide on Keeping Your Account Safe in Guild Wars 2
After a long time of waiting, Guild Wars 2 was finally available for all players on August 28. However, like all other games, scams are occuring with the increasing popularity of Guild Wars 2 gold. A lot of Guild Wars 2 accounts has been hacked every day and ArenaNet is banning anyone who seems to have been hacked to minimize the damage done to their accounts. To help the players avoid being hacked and lose their hard earned Guild Wars gold and items in their account, GW4gold wants to tell you several ways to keep your account safe.

GW2 account safety

1. Use An Unique Password

Arenanet recommends that you use an unique password for each important account you have in one of their blog on account security. If your Guild Wars 2 password is the same password you use elsewhere, just change your GW2 password right now. Hackers usually try to guess usernames and passwords in certain patterns that are the most common ones.

2. Don't Use A Single Password for Everything

When a hacker hacked your account, he already known your password. If you use a single password in multiple places and one of them gets hacked and the information is stolen. The hacker will try to enter the information in other places like games, paypal and other websites. So GW2 is not the only thing that will get hacked if you use a single password for everything. Get multiple password and do your best to memorize them or write them down in a piece of paper, then put the paper away in a secret place.

3. Make Good Use of the New Email Authentication Feature

If you get emails telling you that someone in other country is trying to use your account. You know that someone already have your password, then change it as soon as possible. And make sure that you dont have spyware.

It's really a very unpleasant experience when your account has been hacked. So to ensure the safety of your account, just keep these tips in mind. We also have huge stock of safest GW2 Gold for sale,if you need, have a visit at our site.

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