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water tank and the existing hot water system tank.
Solar hot water control systems, the need to move constantly improve the development in addition to its own function at the same time, also need to meet the original system requirements. During the interview, Beijing to share the sun will be research and development of new solar panel heating system pressure collector "for reporters to do in detail. For technical defects of the existing pressurized collector of traditional collector improvements, changing the composition of the collector, the collector structure is more reasonable to achieve a safe and stable operation of the system, not because a part of the all-glass vacuum tube damaged caused by paralysis of the entire system can not affect the system operation under the premise of the broken glass vacuum tube replacement intact. Collector internal use antifreeze circulation, and therefore does not appear within the collector scaling problem, antifreeze not only has the antifreeze effect, and there is no obvious erosion, high durability, anti-freeze through the thermal storage tank coil heat exchanger with water. At the same time, in order to prevent the all-glass vacuum tube and metal tube between the air expands when heated, leaving the all-glass vacuum tube burst, has a vent in the vacuum tube and metal tube junction. Truly a simple, safe, reliable, green, low cost, enabling the system to a more stable operation. The technology to make solar hot water project to promote industrialization, the source of cost savings for the owners to maintain in the process of installation of solar and late, to ensure the quality, engineering, standardization, installation and after-sales service system and unified property management. It is worth noting that since last year, the real estate industry into a sustained downturn trend, but we predict the market for solar water heating project, the pace of expansion is still understandable for steady progress, if the heat of the sun is enterprise timely focus hotels, schools and enterprises in the hot water works, rather than get together and new residential buildings, it would have a blue ocean. For now, the majority of our construction is a high-energy buildings, does not meet the current requirements of the development of social energy saving and environmental protection, so be it residential, hotels, schools and other public buildings, or enterprises, will install solar energy needs. This will also ensure the steady growth of the solar hot water market. The Xiaobian language: in 2012 a new round of energy-saving Huimin policy and its implementation, many people with optimism for the development of solar water heaters hold. Energy subsidies have a certain role in promoting the use of clean energy, but subsidies will not solve the inherent energy-saving appliances. Solar water heaters as a clean energy carrier, the State and enterprises should come up with more power to achieve the upgrading of industrial technology, improve the utilization of clean energy, but also the introduction of appropriate standards to regulate the market to consumers, none other, so that people truly appreciate the to the benefits of using solar energy, the use of clean energy has become the people's habits in order to promote the rapid development of the solar energy industry
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