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FUSO engine fault light on
Year:June, 2007
 Chassis model:FV51JK
Engine type:6M70
Fault phenomenon:
  Owner reflected that engine fault light of this vehicle is on(See Pic.1), meanwhile speedometer not work, Fuel consumption increase, speed limit meter always alarm overspending.
   Fault analysis:
    This vehicle is electronically controlled system, needs to use Fcar car scanner to diagnose and inspect, method as below:
1 First connect testing cable with OBD test head and main unit
2 Find diagnostic socket position of this vehicle (See picture 2)
3 Connect diagnostic socket and turn on ignition switch to ON
4 Turn on Fcar heavy duty scanner power switch
5 Enter menu and select【Diesel】——【FUSO】—【V5.1】——【Engine system】——【Read Fault code】——【5280  25 speed sensor】——【Clear fault code】——【Fault code clear success】——【Read fault code】——【5280  25 speed sensor】appears again,then means it’s true fault code。
 Fault analysis and inspection:
   According to analysis of symptoms of this vehicle and fault code 【5280  25 speed sensor】,it is caused by vehicle speed sensor damage and line fault. Vehicle speed sensor is installed on nearby shell of output shaft for automatic transmission, ECU compute vehicle speed base on signal of vehicle speed sensor, and as the basis for shift control and remind owner of overspend driving.  
   Detection of sensor as below:
  1. Vehicle inspection. Unplug vehicle speed sensor connector, to measure resistance between two terminals of sensor with multimeter,For different model of automatic transmission, resistance of vehicle speed sensor induction coil is different,  normally hundreds of Ohm to thousands of Ohm
  Jack up vehicle, rotate impending drive wheel with hand, meanwhile to measure whether there is pulse induced voltage between two terminals of vehicle speed sensor. If pointer of multimeter swings, means sensor has output pulse voltage, sensor work normally; If not, means sensor malfunction, further inspection of sensor rotor and induced coil for dirty should be carried out. If dirty, please clean and test again. If sensor no pulse voltage, confirm that sensor has been damaged and needs to be replaced, vehicle speed sensor pulse voltage measurement(See picture 3)
  2 Individual detection. Remove vehicle speed sensor, and measure sensor output pulse voltage. Specific operation is: Use a iron rod or a magnet to approach to or leave sensor rapidly, at the same time, to measure whether there is pulse voltage generated between two terminals of sensor with multimeter. If no induced voltage or induced voltage is very weak, means sensor is faulty, a further inspection should be carried out, and test again. Replace after confirm faulty.
Categoria:  Artículos - Cámaras & Foto
Palabras clave:  auto diagnsotic,car diagnostic tool
Rango del precio:  1200.00~1500.00
Condición:  Nuevo o usado
Fecha de publicación:  22/05/2014 23:27
Zona:  shen zhen 518075, China

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