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VW Throttle Matching: Take Santana 3000 to illustrate matching process of Basic setting method
VW Throttle Instruction: Throttle adjustment matching applies to VW vehicles with electronic throttle and without electronic throttle engine system. Santana GLi not in matching range. 1) Basic setting content: when turn on ignition switch; you can carry out adaptive of throttle control unit and engine control unit 2) In the following cases, adaptive must be performed: ●Power supply interruption ●Dismounting throttle control unit   ●Replace throttle control unit   ●Replace engine   ●Replace engine control unit 3) Conditions for Basic setting  ● No fault in fault memory  ● 11.5V Battery voltage no less than 11.5V  ● Close all accessories ●Throttle should be in idle position ●Engine coolant temperature greater than 85 ℃ 4)Basic setting method and steps ① Turn on ignition switch and not start engine.(Take Santana 3000 as an example to illustrate matching process) ②Connect F3-D scanner (use OBD-II connector), select and click VW Audi, the screen will display as below: Pls select Version V7.2 V7.0 ③ Click V7.2(note: high version of software fully compatible to low version of software, if software version not high enough, pls upgrade timely),the screen shows as below Pls select version V7.2 V7.0 Openning. . . ④ After open V7.2,the screen shows as below: VW Audi diagnostic system VW Audi diagnostic system ⑤ Click VW Audi system, the screen will show as below: VW Audi diagnostic system General system Power system Chassis Comfort system Electronic system Function scanning Address code direct access ⑥ Click General system, the screen will show as below: General system 01- Engine 02- Automatic transmission 03- ABS 08- Air conditioning 09- Central electric control system 15- Airbag 16- Electronic steering wheel 17- Combination instrument panel (anti-theft) 18- Additional/auxiliary heating system 19- Gateway 22- 4-wheel drive ⑦ Click 01-engine,then screen will show as below: Audi KWP system function 01- Read vehicle computer model Read DTC Clear DTC 03- Component control test Read Data Stream 04- Basic setting 07- Controller coding 10- Adjust 11- Login Adaptive value clear ⑧ First read engine DTC, after confirming no DTC, click 04-basic setting and the screen will show as below: ⑨After enter Channel No.060 in input box, click Confirm then screen shown below(Note: Item 4 shows Adaptive running means throttle and engine computer are matching, when it finished, it will shows Adaptive finished) After matching finished, press Back button to logout and then turn off ignition switch. Then turn on ignition switch and start engine to verify the matching effect.
Categoria:  Artículos - Camiones & Furgonetas
Palabras clave:  heavy duty truck diagnostic
Rango del precio:  1800.00~2200.00
Condición:  Nuevo o usado
Fecha de publicación:  24/09/2014 19:25
Zona:  shen zhen 518075, China

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