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How to create your ecommerce website in low cost
How to create your ecommerce website in low cost Gonna sell products online? If you'r a startup and wanted to start selling online at low cost, then there are several ways you can launch your website quickly. Before you go ahead and hire a web agency to create your own ecommerce portal, you must have consider following points: - Responsive Design A website that is built to automatically adjust to different screen sizes, be it a tablet or a mobile or a net-book. - Customer - Who buys , recommend and review your products - The Website Owner - ships bought products & gets paid - The eCommerce Application - which programming language based application or open source you'll choose for ecommerce portal to interface between all the actors - The Payment Gateway - handles payment transactions (more on this later) - The Merchant/Business Bank Account - Website owner's business bank account (more on this later) - The Shipping: How easy and quick shipping solutions you choose for your customer. Your ecommerce website must look professional. You're in business and it must look that way to your website visitors. Professional graphics and layout, easy to use navigation, good organisation and effective site structure will all contribute to a professional looking web presence. Regular search engine traffic will help your ecommerce website by complying with the guidelines recommended by popular search engines like Google and Bing. For instance, Google ranks websites based on metrics like mobile friendliness and load time. Also, it recommends entrepreneurs to build web stores with responsive web design. While planning the ecommerce website, you must keep in mind the guidelines and recommendations of major online search engines. The search engine optimized design will help you to get regular website visitors without launching expensive digital marketing campaigns in future. You further need to assess all important aspects - user interface, functionality, performance, usability, security, and user experience - during the ecommerce website development phase itself to make it popular within a shorter amount of time. You can even consider investing in analytics tools to understand the behaviour and preferences of website visitors based on real-time information collected from various sources. However, it is also important to update your ecommerce website consistently to meet the emerging technologies, industry trends and customer preferences. In Nutshell, Creating an eCommerce website requires a fair amount of planning. You'll need a good Web Design and Web Development Singapore team to implement your business venture. It will cost you more and take longer to create than a regular blog or brochure-ware website because of all the design and setup. You'll make money - and that's what's it's all about after all... We hope this helps you start your eCommerce website journey. Of course there's a heap of things we just didn't have the time to cover. Learn more about eCommerce at our website. Jim is the founder of Oliveasia, a web design and development company based in Singapore. For more of his articles on web design, development, SEO and internet marketing, visit our website at
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