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Online Sportsbooks Loyalty Program
Bookmaker Loyalty Program Bookmaker has an incredible loyalty program called “BetPoints”. The BetPoints loyalty program at Bookmaker is open to everyone that gambles at Bookmaker including sports handicappers, poker players, casino players and bingo players. In order to qualify for the BetPoints loyalty program new Bookmaker accountholders need to make a 1st deposit of at least $300. Once you complete your opening deposit of $300+ you can contact the Bookmaker customer service and they’ll place you into the BetPoints loyalty program. You can contact Bookmaker customer service at 1-866-9-BOOKMAKER or you may also send an email to the customer service team at to secure your position in the Bookmaker BetPoints loyalty scheme. How Does the BetPoints Loyalty Program Work? Anytime you gamble at Bookmaker you’ll accumulate BetPoints, which you can use towards numerous rewards. Not only will you be able to spend your BetPoints on rewards, but there are also certain perks for maintaining your VIP level. The BetPoints loyalty program at Bookmaker has 3 VIP levels including Gold VIP, Platinum VIP and Diamond VIP. How to Earn Gold VIP, Platinum VIP & Diamond VIP Levels? Once you make your first deposit of $300+ and contact Bookmaker customer service you’ll become a Gold VIP. In order to achieve the Platinum VIP level you need to earn 30,000 BetPoints in a 12 month period and in order to reach the top Diamond VIP level you will be required to accumulate 300,000 BetPoints in a 12 month period. Gold VIP Benefits – As a Gold VIP member in the BetPoints loyalty program at Bookmaker players will be able to earn a 10% free play on every deposit of $300+ (3x Rollover + $500 Max Bonus). Gold VIP members also receive 1 free debit card withdrawal every month and any deposit fees will be credited back to your account. Platinum VIP Benefits – Once you’re able to achieve Platinum status in the VIP program at Bookmaker you’ll earn the same perks as Gold VIP members (Listed Above) plus you’ll earn BetPoints 10% faster than Gold VIP members. Diamond VIP Benefits – Diamond VIP isn’t easy to achieve at Bookmaker, but once you become a Diamond VIP you’ll earn all of the perks listed above plus 1 extra free debit card withdrawal per month (2 Total). Diamond VIP members will also earn BetPoints 10% faster than Platinum VIP members plus every Diamond VIP receives a personal support rep. Everyone in the BetPoints loyalty program can exchange BetPoints for cash, but you’ll earn more cash if you wait until you reach Platinum or Diamond VIP level. The minimum you can exchange for cash is 500 BetPoints ($2.25 for Gold VIP, $2.50 for Platinum VIP and $2.75 for Diamond VIP). The more BetPoints you exchange the more valuable your BetPoints will be, so it’s wise to save up your BetPoints if you want to exchange them for cash. To get more value out of your BetPoints you can exchange your BetPoints for gift cards. Bookmaker sells gift cards to various sites including,, and You get more value for your BetPoints by buying gift cards rather than exchanging your BetPoints for straight cash. One of the best VIP perks is the ability to exchange BetPoints for frequent flyer miles. You can purchase anywhere from 1000 – 30,000 frequent mile points at a time with your Bookmaker BetPoints. You can purchase frequent flyer miles for American Airlines, U.S. Airways, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue. The frequent flyer miles cost the same amount of BetPoints regardless of what frequent flyer mile membership program you want to purchase miles for. If you bet on sports you can use your BetPoints to give you an edge over the bookies. Bookmaker allows handicappers to use their BetPoints to purchase memberships to Stat Fox and Don Best.
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