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Dangerous effects of Tramadol Abuse!
In spite of awareness campaigns across the world the fact remains that Tramadol is one of the most widely abused painkillers. It is undoubtedly the widest prescribed painkiller for acute and chronic pain which at times remains un-responsive to non- prescribed, over-the-counter drugs. The irony of the drug is it is a double edged sword – it is made to cut down your pain but if abused too often can potentially cut down your life! Therefore Tramadol is best taken under the guidance of medical expert or your close physician. You can save yourself from the pangs of addiction which is not far away if you are on a long drug therapy. The probable side effects of Tramadol are: • Sweating • Agitation • Nausea & vomiting followed by dizziness and vertigo • Epileptic seizure in case of people with prior medical history Tramadol abuse leads to painful death. The drug if consumed in toxic amounts carries high risk of imminent death. It needs urgent medical intervention and is declared an emergency. We have quite a few case studies revealing the fact that even a prescribed Tramadol dose for less than 6 months leads to multi-organ failure. In many of these cases the toxicology screen showed Tramadol levels of 9.5mg/L and they were literally in coma with renal and liver failure and severe respiratory depression. With clear absence of any other drug in their intestine the scenario clearly indicated that Tramadol alone had caused multiple-organ dysfunction on a prescription dose with less than 6 months. Therefore this drug can potentially damage your liver and kidney! And if you have medical history then the drug can worsen the condition. Tramadol also acts as a CNS depressant in order to increase the pain threshold. It increases the serotonin concentration in the brain. The toxicity increases under the following conditions: • When Tramadol is taken along with other opioid or recreational drugs that warrant increase in serotonin levels in the blood like cocaine, morphine, MMDA and pharmacological drugs viz. antidepressants and amphetamines. • Taking alcohol during Tramadol therapy • Renal or hepatic dysfunction If you have medical history of kidney or liver failure, transplant or other surgery then the toxicity of Tramadol is expected to be higher. You need to take an assessment from your medical expert confirming the satisfactory condition of your vital organs before starting with Tramadol therapy. It is worthless to bargain your pain with bigger health complications by taking Tramadol. Different people respond differently to certain drugs and the same is applicable with Tramadol. Therefore it becomes critically important to diagnose your organs’ health before popping Tramadol for pain management.
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Fecha de publicación:  23/04/2018 21:47
Zona:  Orlando Florida 32801, Estados Unidos

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